willie red

A Boston vs. Mets World Series would be like 1986 all over again. I don’t know how the Mets would fare this go around.

Holler back if you have any extra tickets at Shea this season.

7 Responses to “BREAK UP THE RED SOX!”

  1. Candice says:

    We would win. (The Mets that is)…and I am so mad that you purchased those red striped socks.

  2. alex2.0 says:

    boston all the way baby!!! they just swept the mets last night. bring it on queens!

  3. LM says:

    It doesn’t feel right anymore being a Sox fan… they’re too good, with no constant sense of impending heartbreak.

    I’ll try to adjust.

  4. mrkamoji says:

    Boston all the way, dude I give you hell props for the Dunk Mids in that color you are the only other person besides me that I have ever seen in them joints, best purchase ever I bought them at footlocker in DC.

  5. SANGANO says:

    beantown bitchery in full effect

  6. Miss Ahmad says:

    I urge you to back up away my hot as socks and return to them their rightful owner…meaning me!

    i knew you was a shoe freak but I didn’t know your sock game was tight too!

  7. Oh Word says:

    billybuckna’s revenge…

    … I think Nostra-Dallas called this shit today. A Mets-Red Sox world series rematch is one of those things that karma will make happen……

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