Das Racist: Roc Marciano Shit

One of rap’s most unlikely collaborations deserved a larger budget than me sitting here at a MacBook ripping down YouTube clips and repurposing them.

I’m still on my ‘Respect The Fly Shit‘ wave. I’m waiting to get this Sabretooth joint in the mail. I’m looking at you Riff Raff.

5 Responses to “Das Racist: Roc Marciano Shit”

  1. deeski says:

    thanks pop, just made me youtube that hulk/wolverine shit!!!!i aint never seen that shit!!!!!1

  2. You should repost that Kool AD mixtape joint, shitbis fyah..

  3. yo Dallas, whats your stance on deadpool? because that cat used “INternets” as he spoke in the new video game trailer based on him…. funny guy!

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  5. BIGNAT says:

    good mix of wolvie/hulk thor/hulk animated movies

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