CHRIS and the T.I.'s

Comdian CHRIS ROCK has slammed DAVE CHAPPELLE in the press as being amatuerish for dismantling his show halfway through production of the third season. CHRIS is feeling himself right now due to the critical acclaim of his new show, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’.

If this were rap music, someone would get shot in a couple of days after the war of words had escalated to critical mass.

I am a little disappointed with CHRIS ROCK for being so publicly critical of DAVE CHAPPELLE. Didn’t CHRIS ROCK cancel production of his television show right before the season’s first taping? Wasn’t WANDA SYKES one of the many writers who quit the CHRIS ROCK show? Let me find out that CHRIS got a little bitch in him. I can’t say that I am surprised at CHRIS though. Homeboy has been in bed with the OWM for a hot minute now, so whomever he holds the umbrella for must have told him to berate DAVE.

This situation reminds me of a verse from a PUBLIC ENEMY song. “Every brother ain’t a brother, cause a Black hand squeezed on Malcolm X the man, the shootin’ of Huey Newton, from the hand of a nig they pulled the trig.”

4 Responses to “T.I.’s LOVE CHRIS ROCK!”

  1. p-city says:

    Let me make sure that I have this straight…

    You just: a) reported on a non-existent beef; and b) reported on your disapointment with one party of the non-existent beef (which we wouldn’t know about if you hadn’t just reported it.)

    Is it just me, or do any other readers feel that by simply discussing the supposed “rift”, we are actually responsible for creating it?

  2. the_dallas says:

    We didn’t make this story up. I just pointed out that Chris Rock seems to be throwing stones inside of a glass house. This type of thing happens in crap music on a daily basis. Some people use it as motivation to create their work.

  3. markees says:

    chris rock is a big tooth asshole. he tried to kick it to my sister even though hes married. charlie murphy should kick his ass.

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