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It’s that time of the year I reach out to my family and ask y’all to to put a few shekels in the tip jar aka the PrA’li button. Even some of my best internets friends have gone back to using the word ‘prolly’ because they don’t believe in the PrA’li movement any longer. I hope some of y’all still do. PrA’li don’t need a dub or even a dime to keep it moving. A five spot is all it takes to put your name on the snail mail list.

For those of you with a little more than a five spot I want to offer you an I.T. from my recent archives. Pictured below are two (2) Nike ACG sweatshirts both sized 3XL. Each is being offered at $28 which includes USPS Priority S/H along with delivery confirmation. Since I only have these two items in brown and hunter green I want to kindly ask you to let me know via the comments thread which one you want so that I don’t oversell these.




This I.T. is brand new with tags in a men’s size XL – $50 incl. S/H

Thanks as always for the support family and stay logged on to the best website on these whole internets.

9 Responses to “Support The Movement…”

  1. nappanott says:

    feelin dem acg sweatshirts

  2. rolf haggis says:

    Dallas your site is fuckin’ superb and i check it every day…

    however i still drink at least 12 stella artois every day, and live in my mothers hoose…

    once my job is earning a honky at least £10 an oor (hour)

    i’ll invest in the Pra’Lii account…


  3. rolf haggis says:

    Scotland in the hoose…

    tartan rugbys ah day every day doon the pub!!!

  4. the_dallas says:

    Thankx Rolf, I feel you on that tip too playboy. When it comes to the internets I only pay for the essentials. Shout out to all mom’s basements

  5. Jaislayer says:

    Those Polo rugbys size XL you trying to sell…they have my name on em’ Get at me. Peace.

  6. cocotaso says:

    ahem…3xl I.T.s?

  7. symphony says:

    I need one of those green ACG sweatshirts but i ran thru my shopping budget for the week already

  8. MoneyMarc says:

    Are any of these ACG sweaters left???I would like to order.

  9. the_dallas says:

    I sold one and I decided to keep the brown joint to rock out. Sorry man

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