Searching For Spike Lee…

With all this NBA trade talk on TWitter I had to let Episode 1 fly off…

Shouts to Roy Ayers for the music and D-Sicle for the artwork

3 Responses to “Searching For Spike Lee…”

  1. khal says:

    what’s gonna be dope is the first Nets fitted with the Knicks colorway.

  2. Wardell Franklin says:

    props khal, that’s the first inspired idea i’ve heard regarding that fucking cornball Nets logo… not that I expected or that they deserve better but goddamn that’s some sorry ass shit. no matter how great my scorn for Dolan Knicks, the Nets are strictly unsupportable. I’ll rock, say, the LIU Blackbirds all day every day before Nets anything but my Dr. J throwback and old red, white and blue ABA ball.

    Mr Met >>> Yankee fan Spike

    (I hope folks appreciate what you just did, DP.)

  3. TED says:

    i’m thinking a knicks cap and jacket with the nets colorway.
    i hope this is a series. stadium status.

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