The Lunatics Now Run The Asylum…

This is the song on SlaughterHouse’s new album that I can’t stop listening to. This might be Eminem’s best produced track so far. It bounces with the whimsy you might expect from Marshall Mathers, but he also found some great minimalist elements to add the mystery.

I fux with the drum programme he inserted too. Good job Eminem.

Listen to Joell Ortiz. Did you ever doubt his skills? Shame on you playboy. That boy good. I’m gonna review the SlaughterHouse album with a long drop and a few sample tracks. The short on the album is that it’s pop aspirations posing as stadium rap. SlaughterHouse wants you to put your lighters in the air. But this track here is for the rappity juggalos and lyrical nutjobs.

SLAUGHTERHOUSE featuring EMINEM – ‘ASYLUM’ from dallas penn on Vimeo.

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  1. BIGNAT says:

    I got that batman book I can’t even lie as a grown man. That shit is a little creepy to read. Especially when he goes into how the asylum was like a part of the family tradegy. Yet they stayed connected to it.

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