JAY-Z Goes to Iraq… well, not really

bang bang

Not quite retired lightskin crapper JAY-Z has decided to go to war. Not to support the beleagured troops in the Middle East, but to battle with other crappers that are speaking of him in ‘greasy’ terms. The T.I.’s at VIACOM owned VH-1 have authorized this story

At some point you would expect JAY to act more like a 40yr. old and let some things just be brushed off his shoulders. I was hoping that JAY-Z and NAS would come together for a collaboration.

5 Responses to “JAY-Z Goes to Iraq… well, not really”

  1. Made says:

    This from a man that’s supposed to be retired. I guess when there’s money to be made, there’s no such thing as retirement. Or maybe Dame didn’t come out as bad as w’all thought and Def needs a lil bank rollin.

  2. the_dallas says:

    WHOA! good point. DEF’s roster of money makers is pretty slim indeed. After MARIAH and LUDACRIS the next big seller might be YOUNG JEEZY.

  3. Made says:

    YOUNG who? Right.

  4. Markie Shabay says:

    most of young jeezy’s fanbase died in the hurricane. mannie fresh and the hotboys lost their houses

  5. Eb says:

    dang! that’s kinda harsh, markie! correction though . . . most of jeezy’s fan base IS mannie fresh and the hotboys.

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