The Internets In Real Life…

The Combat Jack Show traveled to Atlanta to tape the podcast live and direct during the A3C (All 3 Coasts) festival. DJ Drama came thru and discussed his legacy thru mixtapes and music, then Killer Mike blessed the show with knowledge and passion for keeping Hip-Hop as an element of progression.

I cobbled together a few clips from the weekend for this video. Salutes to all the A3C panelists, performers and professionals who make this event the ONLY Hip-Hop festival to fux with.

The Combat Jack Show A3C by Pncradio on Mixcloud

Just Blaze gives a deejay clinic at the back end of the show.

It doesn’t stop internets.

4 Responses to “The Internets In Real Life…”

  1. T-Bag says:

    DP, what does the YN stand for that Elliot Wilson refers to himself as?

  2. the_dallas says:

    Yellow Nigga.

    This way white folks can call him YN

  3. Bville says:

    Thanks Dallas Penn

  4. Max says:

    Whats the song playing in the background right before you cut to Just Blaze DJing? I think I remember hearing at a Kanye consert, probebly mashed up with Power.

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