The New Classics…

Shouts to Laurenovich!

If Meyhem Lauren ain’t on your list get off this page and kill your computer. Kill your computer if you don’t fux with UnKut dotcom.

Mey killed the Rap The FVCK Up show at Public Assembly. The Lo-Lifes were in the building hardbody, sporting that lifestyle to the fullest. First thing I had to was come home and put my holiday wish list together. Hre are some suggestions for you to fux with to nail down your Cuffing Season candidate.

Mansfield trek jacket. Grown Man Rap in the form of modern haberdashery. Must. Copp.

Keep it 1000 you don’t have the ability to swag at this level. Just avoid this goose unless you think you can be an icon for this fly shit. Respect the fly shit.

The 2012 peacoat isn’t as hard as the 2011 joint, but this version still gets props

Handknit shawl collar holiday sweater. Like Meyhem will tell you, everyday is Thanksgiving. You gotta rock this I.T. when you go out to dinner with momdukes.

RLX knit wool hat. Ridiculon6000 pattern


12 Responses to “The New Classics…”

  1. Fosterakahunter says:

    That Mansfield is the BIZ!

  2. BrickCity77 says:

    Dallas! I’m rocking this jawn for Thanksgiving

  3. T-Bag says:

    Oh ish! Brick city and me got the same joint. This sweater is fire.

  4. BrickCity77 says:


    Great minds think alike! When’s the next private sale?

  5. T-Bag says:

    Yo Brick, that joint is an instant classic, we are going to be the two flyer muhfuckas on the planet come this thanksgiving. That cashmere is going to have the lady’s melting when they put their arm around yours. I don’t know when the next private sale is but the sale is going to start for the public Nov. 1st

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    Meyhem is the composer of “The Fly Shit Manual”, so I expect nothing less than excellence.

    I’m so amped about the that ‘Lo private sale going down. I just got the card in the mail today!

  7. Msidious says:

    SCHWEEEEETnessss. I had to come thru to dap the room. Flavor levels in here got me sharpening the swords for winter…….

  8. T-Bag says:

    There’s nothing better than winter Lo.

  9. BIGNAT says:

    i’m sorry guys i just copped some cool as looking miltary pants and this sick ass hoodie.

    some of that new shit is little to navajo for me lol

  10. illill says:

    bignat…..I copped that rowing windbreaker jacket too. Shit is dope.

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