Big Baby Panda…

Pablo Sandoval was one swing from delivering the most legendary World Series performance with a quadruplet of home runs.

I want Detroit to get this series since San Fran caught one a few years back, but when you are hot you have to ride out your streak, and the Giants right now are str8 FIYAHVERKX!

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  1. Roby says:

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  2. something not nice about the people that got up when names started scrolling across the screen at the end (which was sadly most of the theater…) I think it was along the lines of "These aren't the credits…" It may have also been just loud enough for everyone to hear too. I love her.As for the rest of the audience, I'm glad I saw it out of town. I'd be embarrassed as hell if I lived with those kind of people.

  3. burning a Qur’an is stupid! Most people are just making the point that there’s nothing we can do about it!! How many comments can you read expressing those sentiments and STILL walk away with a completely different idea?!

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