Get Ready 4 Combat…


Ebro Darden, the program director for the most important Hip-Hop radio station in America, comes on the Combat Jack Show to defend the station’s mainstream playlist and programming. The legacy of Hip-Hop on terrestrial radio is at stake here.

Salutes to Hot97 for even joining in the debate. This episode is a master class for anyone who wants to become a rapper.

8 Responses to “Get Ready 4 Combat…”

  1. khal says:

    …or a radio programmer. Ebro drops mad gems.

  2. T-Bag says:

    Ebro is just trying to pay his bills like everyone else and you can’t be mad at dude for that.

  3. trizzmatic says:

    fuck ebro and still doesnt explain why trinidad james was brought up to hot 97 and gave him mad exposure over lets say joey badass action bronson or a meyhem lauren, ebro argument was cuz trinidad james makes good ignorant music , ok…lets be real trinidad james movement isnt organic at all he has a backing u dont just blow up like that out the blue someone is backing him that does want the money to be traced back a la supreme team

  4. james says:

    everything is payola…you pay your song is aired.

    trinidad got the faggot money behind him (ha) and action doesn’t….thats why jay z gets played and not bumpy knuckles or roc marciano…

    its that simple

    clear channel aka live nation….you pay you get aired its really as simple as that

    and its not cheap…six figures a spin.

  5. cocotaso says:

    word to dallas ima chop off one of my arms and become the rap game jim abbot.

  6. T-Bag says:

    I heard Jim Abott went to Sizzler one time and ordered the all you can eat salad bar and ate 30 dicks in one sitting.

  7. TED says:

    that was great. glad combat pushed roc(y) marciano’s album too. daytime radio is dogshit.

  8. T-Bag says:

    TED, agree! Salutes to Combat for putting Roc Marciano as album of the year cause it is. As far as Om concerned Roc is the nicest on the game right now.

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