Spent My Bread To Copp These BReds…

I had to embrace my inner sneaker Satan and submit to copping these from the online retailer SoleLand.com just so that I didn’t miss out on these.

I am a shameless hypebeast

4 Responses to “Spent My Bread To Copp These BReds…”

  1. Yo, Dallas, if you want those rare kicks for close to retail, cop em off European sites. Caliroots, Sneakersnstuff, Size, Hanon, Crookedtongues. Like, Footasylum still got them in stock (http://www.footasylum.com/page/product/?pf_id=043142&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=21.12.12_JordanLaunch). And no, this ain’t no promo.

  2. Jaislayer says:

    I’m not standing on line for them kicks but did hop online and Footlocker, foot Action & Nike.com were on froze. So I guess I won’t be copping those. I got bills to pay lol. Peace.

  3. bloodbath says:

    yo , dp is that you in the helmet and gloves in the Mandated participants vid?

  4. JT$ says:

    was lucky enough to get a #rsvp so I just strolled into ntsf, waited about 5min, paid, went downstairs, grabbed a fuel band for my wife (bandz a make her dance) & dipped.


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