Get Ready For Combat…


Troi Torain, the infamous radio deejay Star from the Star and Buc Wild Show comes on the Combat Jack Show.

I used to think Star had it all figured out until I started making this podcast with Combat Jack and I saw Star searching for himself after he had been voted off the island. Star is still wildly entertaining, but here he is using the internets to get himself hot again. Does anybody still care about Star?

6 Responses to “Get Ready For Combat…”

  1. ooh wop says:

    Use ta love all them articles with the ill graff pieces, I think in the Vibe. First time I really got to hear him bug out live. Entertaining on some other shit thats for sure!

  2. james says:

    this nigga Star sounds like a clown….get off the crack nigga!

  3. James says:

    Boring.. No one cares who these old cunts are.. Get some fresh talent on the show. I’d rather listen to 2 hours of barbershop banter than this old dust head

  4. Lion XL says:

    Used to fuck Star way back on hot 97(?)…that is until he became caricature of himself and just started acting left sided for no reason….

    now hes just mean bitter and washed the fuck up……

  5. Lion XL says:

    [][] pause….Used to fuck WITH Star way ….

    Dallas–you need an edit button like NOW!

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