On My Way To Harlem…


This jazzy joint was my Sunday morning soundtrack as I made my way thru the city with C.S.

We walked thru downtown Brooklyn (R.I.P. Jimmy Jazz) and then hopped the #4 train to the Staten Island Ferry.

Next was a bus trip uptown to get some Jordan Brand socks, and then back down to Chinatown for duck and shrimp dumplings.

Catch the vibe with me…

2 Responses to “On My Way To Harlem…”

  1. G Porter is dope… i discovered this dudes music late about a month ago. Ill voice, might have to go see a live performance soon.

  2. Suthphin Arhcer III says:

    Where’d ya’ll go for the dumplings, DP? I used to be a regular at those couple joints, one on Mulberry, one around the corner on Mosco St, but I’m open to an upgrade.

    Fulton St deserves many words on its own but I def. miss the time– not long ago (Beat Street RIP)– it was destination for a variety of cultural artifacts: music, kung fu and other flicks, clothes, black nationalist bookstores, some pretty good West Indian food; hell even that soul food joint that used to be on Jay St, which wasn’t great but…

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