Deficit Spending Lifestyle…


I broke open this wonton cookie yesterday and it advised me NOT to spend money I didn’t have.

How the fux did this fux’n cookie know that I was scheming on this heirloom quality sweater ESPECIALLY since Polo RL is running this private sale starting today?

I’m such a spiritual and superstitious lot that I can’t disobey the cookie. It knew what was going on inside of my heart even tho’ I’m STILL struggling to get back on my feet since the ‘LO-End Theory and the cookie came to me to save me from foreclosure fees and other shit floating around my cooperative apartment.

Oh well, this sweater will just be another I.T. that I’ll put on my never-ending wishlist…




15 Responses to “Deficit Spending Lifestyle…”

  1. BIGNAT says:

    ooooooo if i wasn’t heading out to aus on may 8th so many things i wanted to pick up. i stopped myself with just some new v neck under shirts. also these two polos. the first one in blue
    i really wanted this though didn’t want to drop the money for it right now fuckkkkk

  2. BIGNAT says:

    that hoodie is crazy how much they wanted for that joint???

  3. even with the discount that joint is still $400. geez.
    i hope my math is wrong.

  4. cocotaso says:

    that nickel earring on the sweater is a ridiculous detail that i love. too bad i could fit in or afford that joint on my best day.

    only place ive seen the hoodie online is some euro store and they want 1100 after conversions

  5. BIGNAT says:

    T bag on his tommy bahama lol

  6. T-Bag says:

    BIGNAT, you already who the flyest cat in the yachts going to be, lol

  7. BIGNAT says:

    illill that jacket is crazy i would rock that in the middle of the summer. With boat shoes Chinos and some sun glasses

  8. illill says:

    lololol indeed bignat with a lo bear towel as a scarf

  9. illill says:

    t-bag that joint is dope.

  10. BIGNAT says:

    i can’t fuck with that sweater t-bag but i respect the style. i went back to try and get that sweater i wanted they only got super big sizes now. i decided today fuck it might as well get it. i guess it was not meant to be.

  11. Jamaal Dee says:

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