Say Hey To The G.O.A.T.


No one can see this man.

As per my father AND my grandfather Willie Mays, the ‘Say Hey Kid’ was the greatest person to ever put on a baseball mitt, swing a bat and wear a pair of cleats. Say Hey just had a New Year start for him so I’m giving props.

4 Responses to “Say Hey To The G.O.A.T.”

  1. Suthphin Archer III says:

    Did you see Jackie Robinson hit that ball?

    Satchel Paige is mellow
    So is Campanella
    Newcombe and Doby too

    But it’s natural fact
    When Jackie comes to bat
    The other team is through

  2. JaiSlayer says:

    I met Willie Mays at a fundraiser in SF last year. Actually got a chance to speak to him & his wife for about 10 minutes. One of the dopest conversations I’ve ever had in my life. He was such a gentlemen, very classy. It was an honor to meet a real legend & icon. Peace.

  3. Suthphin Archer III says:

    That’s nice to hear, JaiSlayer… And it reminds me, you know who I’d love to see DP interview sometime? Hank Aaron, no lie.

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