Artie Lange’s ‘African American’ Friends…


Artie Lange has been fuxing with the Combat Jack Show since we were all sharing the same studios back when the spaceship moved to Manhattan. Artie’s appearances on the Combat Jack Show are all legendary.

Artie returns the favor by letting Combat Jack and myself get mic’d up and sit in oh his show. #Newmanati

6 Responses to “Artie Lange’s ‘African American’ Friends…”

  1. MotherGastonSpeed says:

    + 1000 for the John Williams reference, DP! Too funny… like lots of us NYC kids, I grew up on Howard and at one time thought he was an excellent comedian, of his personal and domestic life especially. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a single celebrity once so well-liked who fell the fuck off as hard as Howard… who’s been goddamn unlistenable for at least 3-4 years.

    Artie’s a curious case; sort of talented, deeply troubled, warm hearted and yet also self-destructive. His stand up stinks, he’s terrible actor but, at his best, he was a GREAT sidekick for an engaged Howard + various guests (Artie & Gilbert Gottfried, for example, were great)…

    Glad to see Artie reaching out to you & CJ, though I think it was something of a missed opportunity too, since ya’ll have so much to offer in ways that don’t get out when ya’ll are the hosts.

    Anyway, just some thoughts– great to see the kid getting calls0– 60 Minutes next!

  2. Nerditry says:

    Artie was in Dirty Work so that’s a free pass for life.

  3. Robbie says:

    Don’t you mean Artie’s “African-American” friends?
    +1 to me for my laugh getting on air when Artie said the gag about losing his hearing.

  4. cocotaso says:

    is the combat jack show new era that combat and a-king are wearing available anywhere? or is it on some friends and family steeze?

  5. BIGNAT says:

    i like artie because he don’t sugarcoat shit. dp i got that polo don’t know what to do with it. don’t know why i bought it

  6. the_dallas says:

    Put that shirt on already. That’s what you do with it.

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