The cRap Music Fantasy League

parappa the rapper

I believe it was NOZ from Cocaine Blunts & Hip-Hop Tapes who suggested that we start a cRapper Fantasy League feature since we spent so much time speculating on the ‘what ifs’ contained in the music industry. Like what if DAME DASH was on the plane with AALIYAH? Would Jay-Z and Jim Jones have hugged each other at his funeral? There are a million billion ways to extrapolate theories in Hip-Hop and we here at DP Dot Com only believe in using empirical evidence to get to the truth. The cRap Music Fantasy League will go a long way to proving who is the G.O.A.T. once and for all.

Each player will start their own fantasy record label with the profits of money made from the crack trade. Actual victims of crack cocaine are not necessary since this is of course, cRap music, and not the real world. Each label may hold eight cRappers. DipSet and G-Unit do not count as one cRapper. If a player(label) decides to drop a cRapper they may pick one to replace that roster slot. Points are awarded to labels whose cRappers end up the news for any variety of reasons. From record industry achievement to criminal activity everything scores points for your cRapper in the cRap Music Fantasy League. The official league play kicks off January 1st, 2007 but if you want to get down you should set up your label(team) now in advance.

Here are the rules…

  • The game is open to all whether you like cRap music or not
  • Each label has eight roster positions. If a cRapper is killed the label owner is awarded points and may replace that dead cRapper with a live one. If the dead cRapper is retained by the label and continues to make news stories that label will receive points
  • labels may select deceased cRappers
  • Once a label drops a cRapper from their roster they cannot reacquire said cRapper
  • Points will be awarded to labels whose cRappers reach certified gold and platinum status for their album releases
  • Points will be awarded to labels whose cRappers sign record, merchandising and or marketing deals
  • Points will be awarded to labels whose cRappers are arrested for anything from firearms and narcotics possession, to tax evasion, to domestic battery and assault charges
  • Points will be awarded to labels whose cRappers weedcarriers die, but only one W.C. death is eligible for points(i.e. if the balance of D-12 passes away tragically Eminem only receives points for Bizarre)
  • I’m sure theres gonna have to be more rules than these, but the main thing for you to do is to get your label(team) together. Holler black if you are down to play.

    31 Responses to “The cRap Music Fantasy League”

    1. Robbie says:

      This is going to be good….and by that I mean “Ironman” good, not “Fishscale” or “Some Spare Fish” good.

    2. Combat Jack says:

      ‘Fuego Entertainment’ = name of my label.

    3. “King Cocaina Records And Distribution”

      i wonder…what about the shaq’s, kobe’s, webber’s, artests, AI’s of the world.

    4. Nigeria says:

      ‘Some Spare Fish’

      That’s a good record label name.

    5. Skeeter Valentine says:

      I’m in for this one…i won’t just submit my picks once then not pay attention cuz i was in the process of moving back to the states.

      “Bluffington Records”

    6. Lion XL says:

      Yo, can we create more than one label? I have couple completely different line ups and can’t decide which I want to go with.

    7. the_dallas says:

      Hell to the NO you can’t have more than one label. I run the Football Pool, I try to write new content for the blog and I HAVE A LIFE. I don’t want to have to sit here and tabulate points for someone who needs to be a mogul in cRapper Fantasy League. This is about running a business and you have to choose the cRappers that will get your label the most money(points).

      When DP Dot Com does another one of its fundraising drives like NPR let me see you pony up a little $10piece and maybe we won’t mind you making up two or three record labels(teams)

    8. Lion XL says:

      Alright…be was just question..same reason why I didn’t join the football pool, cuz I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the games!

      But two things, 1. maybe once we get a good idea of how we are gonna actually count points (sources, etc.) I might be able to create a program or something that will make it easier, I can’t promise that I may be able to (I’m no Bill Gates!) and 2. Next fundraising drive I commit to contributing (No B.S.).

    9. the_dallas says:

      It’s all good mayne. These pools and fantasy games are not that serious. I want them to be fun otherwise I won’t do it. We all have real world shiite going on ay’day. i want people to be able to come here and chill (except for when the police is high off that Dwight Gooden wwhite pudding and is shooting fools to death)

    10. jdotnicholas says:

      Yo I’m in –

      Put me down as TyCoon Entertainment.

    11. noz says:

      oh you were serious. i guess i’m in.

      how many points do you get if w.c.’s w.c. (coolio?) is killed?

    12. dubble13 says:

      I want in!

      Call me DubbleUp Entertainment…

    13. nenna says:

      i’m in too

      Suprev Records

    14. LM says:

      I’m in ’cause I won’t be able to go out on top the way my football picks are going.

    15. Jo Van Gogh says:

      I’m in…put me down as SayWord Ent.

    16. the_dallas says:

      everybody that is down to play needs to do this…

      1) create a record label company name

      2) choose eight rappers that your label is signing

      3) submit all of this info into the comments sections on the cRapper Fantasy League drop on Wednesday morning

      4) if you don’t have an e-mail address don’t waste my time

    17. Combat Jack says:

      ^ “4) if you don’t have an e-mail address don’t waste my time”


    18. Yeah, I’m going to focus on getting young talent (Papoose, Bow Wow) to overachieve and getting old know-it-alls to defame themselves in the news (DMX and eventually Rakim).

    19. mrkamoji says:

      The South got something to say…

    20. Combat Jack says:

      Fuck all the bullshit, I’m claiming first for my starting 8 roster NOW!

      Lil’ Wayne
      Jim Jones
      Jay Z
      Fifty Cent
      Foxy Brown
      Kanye West

    21. dubble13 says:

      Since there is no new post for this, I will follow the lead set by CJ and post my picks here…

      DubbleUp Entertainment:
      1. Jay-Z
      2. Lil Wayne
      3. Camron
      4. Eminem
      5. Snoop Dogg
      6. 50 Cent
      7. Game
      8. Kanye West

    22. Combat Jack says:

      ^ wtf? No fair dude!!! You can’t have cRappers cRapping on two different labels at the same effin time. That’s breach of contract!!! I’m suing the eff outta DubbleUp as well as the artist’s who tried to get slick on me!

    23. slick-money says:

      50 eminem nas jay-z bowow omarion diddy lil kim papose

      slick-money records

    24. 1,2,1,2...itdontstop81 says:

      The Better Label:

      2.50 cent
      5.The Game
      6.Foxy brown


    25. 1,2,1,2...itdontstop81 says:

      The Better Label:

      2.50 cent
      5.The Game
      6.Foxy brown

      3.His rhymes stand to make him a catalyst in future years to come with his growing fanbase and persona plus he can be depended on to f-up and kiss a man every once in a while. (controversy sells)
      4.He’s a damn good hitmaker! a lil’ bit on the funny lookin’ side but time and time again he’s proven to be consistent and whores like’em.
      5.I don’t give two shits about this “gangbanger” but he’ll eventuall get popped or have some kinda altercation wit’ someone from the unit.
      6.This should be obvious she’s the greatest rapper to never rap and still garnish more attention than your favorite rapper.
      7. what more can I say?
      8.He’s the golden boy, unruly,marketable,a major selling factor and hitmaker so if it comes down to it I’ll sell his ashes if I got too.

    26. michael says:

      we should really move this league over to they have the infrastructure all set up for us to play. should set up the league, and let the site process all the math for us.

      I been playing with some friends and the game keeps gettin better. it was kinda whack at first, but now it’s just straight up addicting.

    27. Icebrrgslim says:

      Street Merchants Entertainment
      Jay Z
      Jim Jones
      Kanye West
      50 Cent
      Queen Latifah

      Hook me up with that cRap pack

    28. pdilla says:

      Stink Pink Entertainment

      1. Jay-Z
      2. Nas
      3. Alicia Keys
      4. Styles P
      5. Kanye West
      6. Jada Kiss
      7. Remy Ma
      8. Diddy

    29. get money ent. says:

      when does the game begin thats get this money

    30. the_dallas says:

      It’s already begun… Q1 sonn

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