change clothes, then go

WTF happened to your cousin DAVID BANNER?!? Did he get hit with the teh ghey stick too (no homo)?

He may also be smiling because FEMA has bought him some new shoes as a replacement for the sneakers and sweathoods that he lost in Hurricane Katrina.

Another reason for his extra happiness could be that his fake YING YANG TWINS whisper style song is a hit with the T.I.’s.

Nahhh, its just another awards show with crappers on the red carpet and DAVID BANNER is just happy to be there.

This pink tie fad with all the crappers is reminding me of the time when everybody had a leather African medallion.

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  1. dainty39gm says:

    David Banner’s earning enough money to stop dressing like hood nigga. He could be growing up and growing out of being so goddamn ghetto.

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