Chichen Itza Lifestyle…


My bad for not posting any drops this week. My life is wild busy right now like I don’t even know what day it is. No matter what day it is tho’ it’s always time to come up.

Peep the Mexican blanket longsleeve I copped for $16 at Macy’s. Original ticket was $145.


Wild River series killed shit on the clearance rack.

3 Responses to “Chichen Itza Lifestyle…”

  1. illill says:

    the DOPENESS…..still need to get more of those $16 wild river from Macy’s. killin things son.

  2. MikySnax says:

    How do you do it? $16?! Is that accidentally on the rack and you have to wait like an hour to speak to a manager and demand you get the discount since it’s hanging there? Prolly not, you just the man, the legend, the crafty veteran. Damn.

  3. the_dallas says:

    It was nutts that the shirt was reduced to $19.99 from $145 but then I had a coupon for an additional 20% off.

    Yeah I’m crafty too

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