Long Live The Hightop Fade…


Before Boyz 2 Men was rocking shorts with suits your boy The Godd Bootgod was on that flow.

Now what if a group in Hip-Hop or R-n-B had these cats steps in 2013? The game would be in a smash.

4 Responses to “Long Live The Hightop Fade…”

  1. Omar says:

    Looks like a male cheer competion

  2. alan says:

    this is classic…but with todays homo swag all these dancers would wear the ralph tresvant stirrup leggings lol

  3. dubz says:

    good shit.. what I remember about this video were the “cuts”.. the fresh cuts of “daisy lady” and their cwazy wack hair-cuts..

  4. BLOODBATH says:


    Total Respect Of Other People.

    spread my wings was the fingerbang jam.

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