The Greatest Love Of All…

jimmy mac

Let me just get this off my chest from the gate… I hate the Indianapolis Colts because of PEYTON MANNING. I hate the fact that he has been the reason that the Colts were always considered to be a league powerhouse. I really like TONY DUNGY. I wanted TONY DUNGY to be successful because he is a good brother. Low key, intelligent, hard working and lightskinned. TONY DUNGY was part of the movement bringing lightskin brothers back to the top of the Black Man Diaspora hierarchy. We hadn’t been this far up since AL B. SURE, PRINCE and COCKROACH were prominent.

I rooted for TONY in Tampa. They should never have fired dude. He almost got them there too, but a blasted Black quarterback couldn’t help him get over the hump. Don’t even try to tell me that hump BRAD JOHNSON was a better QB than SHAUN KING was!?! O.K. So maybe BRAD was a better QB. Tampa’s victory in the 2002 Super Bowl was all about the defense that TONY DUNGY crafted down there. The Bucs never had a losing season under TONY DUNGY after his first season with the team. JON GRUDEN has coached the team to three losing seasons in his five years with the team. Why isn’t that shitbag standing on the unemployment line? No matter how bad JON GRUDEN sucks as a coach you will never see a blonde dude without a job. I suppose that’s un-American.

Damn if I didn’t hate PEYTON MANNING with all my soul I might be able to root for TONY this time. TONY DUNGY gave the ultimate sacrifice for a Super Bowl ring too. He lost his eldest son in 2005 and that reason might make me give the Colts a pass for this years’ big game.

Nahhhh! I hate PEYTON way too much, plus my big homey P-CITY is from the Chi. Sorry TONE, dump DJ Longneck and maybe I’ll let you win the big one.

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  1. I like Tony Dungy too but if the Colt lose to my beloved Bears, he has to start getting some sideways looks from the Colts and the media. I know he’s a nice guy and he practically invented the Cover 2 defense (which the Bears, Bucs and Colts use), but the guy has blown every big game he’s been in.

    Hell, the only reason the Colts got this far was because Herm Edwards and Brian Billick called the worst possible game plans against that saccharine Colts D (Chiefs ran it every single play, Ravens passed way too much). And Tom Brady’s WR’s dropped about 4 TD’s that would’ve won the game.

    I lump Dungy in with Andy Reid–good coaches with tons of wins under their belts but below immunity until they win a few titles.

  2. Goliano says:

    Da BEARS!!!

  3. Candice says:

    I am rolling with the Colts. Dungy has a black wife. LOL

  4. twerkolator says:

    ^does that mean lovie smith has a white wife? clue me in…

  5. RD says:

    ^hell yes, Lovie is loving that vanilla punani lol.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I’m rooting for Tony, it’s his time…but if Lovie wins, I’d still be happy. With two Black coaches, I can go either way on this one.

  7. The 40 Vuitton Don says:

    Lovie will get his. I’m running with Dungy here, and even though the Baltimore Colts alumni hate the Indy Colts, I’m rocking my Johnny Unitas joint on Sunday. Dallas you hit on all the points of why the Colts are my pick for this game, and I happen to like the 6’5″ QB with a rocket, laser cannon arm (no Isiah Washington’s nemesis). And since the eminent demise of Colin Powell we need a lightskinned ninja back in control of something!!!! WORD TO RAY NAGIN!

  8. Hulkster says:

    The Bears can’t win this I’m sorry. Rex Grossman > Peyton Manning? = NO
    I hate peyton, honestly don’t get me wrong. But the Colts are too good, maybe if the Bears had signed Steve McNair, but no. Both the coaches are ill though, too bad Lovie is stuck on this Gross Man.

  9. 911 says:

    I’m honestly happy with whomever wins… preference…..just hoping for a good game.

  10. mrkamoji says:

    DUNGY has hella history and if he goes down like the black Marty I still have his back. Homie is a good man (nhjic) and a good leader. I have hated the hype Payton has received since college, but remember dude’s career similar to that of Elway some of you all forget Elway catching the 55-10 whoopins to the 49er’s. Dude wins two at the end of his career and all of a sudden he is the greatest QB, naw naw…I’m ranting…

  11. sasha says:

    tony all the way. loving the rocket laser arm, and NOT loving how lovie is ABOUT DAT SWiiiiiiiiiNE!

    and ease up off my choke em chiefs. we HAVE to lose the first round in the layoffs. we just gotta! O_o

  12. If Grossman gets a ring before Manning then I will join Dungy’s son in the suicide club.

    Bc life would not be worth living with such injustice taking place.

  13. Amadeo says:

    I gotta concur…if the colts defense stopped Mcnair and Brady then what the hell is grossman going to do.

  14. Drew says:

    How many times do I have to tell you to stop sleeping on the Colts?!?! You can bash us all you want if we lose on Sunday, but again, I think we’ve proved ourselves enough this season. I live in Chicago and have to listen to this Colts bashing on a daily basis, so hopefully, this Indy fan will finally have the last laugh. Rex Grossman is a HACK

  15. Goliano says:

    There’s more to both teams than their quarterbacks. Folks have been dissin’ the Bears throughout the playoffs and look at ’em now.

    Da BEARS!!

  16. esbee says:

    I support the bears ‘cos I hate’s an active kinda ‘hate’

    I think it’s going to be a very interesting game…Defense vs. Offense that’s what folks have it as but I think if Grossman can not turn the ball over and comfortable make most of his passes the Bears could win it.

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