The iNternets Celebrities keep rocking and ROFFLE’ng to the top of the almost famous heap. On the world wide web we’re a really big deal. No, really.

The i.C.’s director and cameraman, CAZ NOZKOWSKI, goes back in front of the camera for his latest movie titled ‘Spam’.

The iNternets Celebrities are the answer to some of your most pressing questions about the web. Are we weird? Hell to the yeah. Does our celebrity status on the internets get us any poon? Not so much.

6 Responses to “SPAM: THE MOVIE…”

  1. sh3lldon says:

    that freestyle was hot someone give this guy a deal!!!

  2. LM says:

    That was damn good.

    I mean SPAM good.

  3. Big Homie says:

    Pop up window, pop up window, pop up window SPAM!!!

    Dont email me unless you have an email account.

  4. Gee says:

    Caz got issues, I mean REAL ones.

  5. prynsex says:

    What is SPAM anyway? It wasn’t bologna, it wasn’t hot dogs. You could eat it fried. You could eat it cold. With or without bread, fixings, sides, condiments, fork, spoon, knife, plate, hands or feet. I see they now have Turkey spam and from the above photo – with cheese and Hot N Spicy? Why not combine the two? Hot N Spicy Cheesy Spam.

    I never quite figured it out.

    I think thats why I became a vegetarian.

    We stayed “growed up” on that shit.

    My child will/has never see the inside lining of one of those cans. Thats for damn sure.

  6. jen says:

    I did know know Black people at Spam. This is news to me.

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