rtb crowd

You’ve seen the pics, now peep the flick…


  1. This is strait dopeness.

    LOL @ the white dude in front on the AvI, shakin his head from left to right tho.

    Do people still say 1st? well 37th!!! new shit

  2. CesMoney says:

    White people let Rakim down that day. How r white people not gonna go wild when they hear “I aint no joke”? or a couple of other Rakim classics?

    Yes theyve got the supreme trees more often than not, but still. Come on.

  3. sh3lldon says:

    “jordan dont give a fuck bout ur kid!” classic

  4. sasha says:

    waiting on an l boogie drop. :'(

    seent some pics.

  5. Misha says:

    @ Sasha

    Check my comment on thank god its monday!

  6. thoreauly77 says:

    damn d, you were faded man. i’m proud of you.

  7. Tony says:

    That dude ruined it for everybody!


    Awesome vid with mud wrestling, conspiracy theories, wet white people and Rage fans of all persuasions. What more could you ask for? Nothing, that’s what. Internets celebrities makes you smarter, more hip-hop hop and helps you hold your deuce in at outdoor concerts!!! Very nice Dallas, Rafi and Caz.

  8. sasha says:

    thanks misha!

  9. jdotnicholas says:

    Mud is never hip-hop.

    I figured this rap shit was outta control when I was at that first Save the Rhinos joint and cats ain’t know who DOOM was, and they didn’t mark for De La.

    White folks LOVE the ROOTS tho. . .

    Le sigh.

  10. Meka Soul says:

    “jordan don’t give a fuck about your babies!”

    instant vintage. i’m using that now.

  11. Big Homie says:

    White people sure do love them some Hip Hop

  12. jaas says:

    so I had a plan to come to rock the bells all summer… and then I found out it was on the same day as rock steady anniversary. You need to hit up RSA next year for sure.

  13. rm says:

    i’ve never been to new york or nothin, but SB aug 11. i washed my fuckin ass and my camera is buried ya feel.

  14. Amadeo says:

    Sorry I missed you…hope you got straight.

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