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I’ve got to think long and hard[ll] to remember a cinematic serial killer as thoroughly hardbody as the character Anton Chigurh played by JAVIER BARDEM. Imagine your boy Jason from ‘Friday the 13th’ with a shotgun and a really bad 1970’s haircut. BARDEM’s character is even badder than that too because when he speaks he says crazy shit. He chooses whether niggas live or die by the flip of a coin, but mostly he just kills at will.

The movie BARDEM is starring in is called ‘No Country For Old Men’. The movie was adapted from a book of the same title by the COEN brothers. These are the cats that made that cult classic film noir joint ‘Blood Simple’. I liked their shit ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘Raising Arizona’ too. The COEN brothers have a penchant for dark humor and they keep the bodybags filled up as well. This flick is in keeping with their popular themes.

‘No Country For Old Men’ is set around a normally sleepy Texas town that goes to shit when a major drug deal goes wrong. TOMMY LEE JONES nails his role as the unwittingly omniscient town sheriff who remains one step behind the mayhem. JOSH BROLIN’s character is the dude that is unlucky enough to stumble upon the suitcase stuffed with $2 million dollars that was to be used in the aformentioned narcotics transaction. Instead of leaving the drugs, guns and money to the scumbags that previously owned them, BROLIN’s character decides to keep the money. This act places him and everyone that he comes in contact with squarely in the crosshairs of a ruthless hitman.

JAVIER BARDEM plays the greatest personification of evil I can remember seeing in a movie in a looooong time. Worse than Darth Vader even. You see, Vader was totally evil, but this character Anton Chigurh is totally evil, AND totally insane. He walks around with a tank full of compressed air and a cattle stunner bolt gun that he shoots into peoples brains. WTF? But when its time to go all in and go in hard Chigurh pulls out the 12gauge Mausberg with a barrel silencer. WTF!?!? Fools are getting flat blasted in this joint at every turn.

I think I will go see this flick again this weekend. It’s that good. Plus Saturday is supposed to be shitty and raining. Sounds like the perfect day to go ‘plexing. Fuck an ‘American Gangster’ bullshit. ‘No Country For Old Men’ is that gangsta shit for real. How much you want to bet that rappers start name dropping Anton Chigurh? That nigga was str8 KILLMATIC!



  1. Blackwater says:

    gives me something to check out this weekend

  2. Candice says:

    Wow. I may have to check this one out.

  3. Combat Jack says:

    Please rent/see “Irreversible” thi wknd if u already havent. You’ll see a true bad guy. For real.

  4. Dart_Adams says:

    I’ve had this trailer on my blog for close to three months now. It’s finally coming out…say word! One.

  5. fran to the 718 says:

    No disrespect to the Coen brothers, and I haven’t seen this movie, but any props for this character have to go to the author of the book. Cormac McCarthy.

    He writes the crazy shit that you need in your life.

    On the consistent tip.

  6. Vee says:

    Cool write up. I was thinking about watching this film, but you definitely convinced me. I thought this film comes out today!

  7. william says:

    This guy is EVIL. He enjoys killing. He is supremely good at it.
    He is crazily unpredictable. Sometimes he lets you go if you guess
    right about a coin flip he does. Sometimes he just buys silence.
    But mostly he kills and kills, often “con much gusto” , He watches the blood flow from his victims while talking on the phone. A cattle stun gun with compressed air – that was a deft touch for a weapon. But then he’s dealing with police that are just not up to the job.

    The ineffectuality (word?) of the old Texas ranger cries out. He rides
    a horse to one killing scene. He spouts forth his bromides and cannot
    provide police protection to those he knows is in danger. He cannot
    bring himself to involve any larger police organization. Small wonder
    drug money seems so omnipotent.

    The ending was way too sudden. It seemed as though the movie had run
    long enough and the producers arbitrarily, like their villain, decided to cut
    it short so it would meet their budget. The ending was not adequately explained, I think I can safely say. I do speak and understand “Texanese”. I think if I saw it again, I would not see anything
    significantly new. There is a shallowness to it, I’m saying. The characters were only real enough to serve the movie’s grand design. The bad guys win out in rural Texas. I realized something else: you can’t make plans to see a movie just because the movie was incomplete, the ending unexplained and you want to read more into than was originally there.

  8. ShaunR says:

    This was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and Anton is hands-down the scariest serial killer on film to date. I don’t agree with the above poster. This movie is perfectly and beautifully crafted from script to final edit. The ending is perfect as well, and along with the title itself, provides everything you need to know about the past, the sheriff, his ineffectuality, and how the worse things get the more they stay the same.

    Great movie. I highly recommend it.

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