macbook air

Love at first sight…

The new MacBook Air is hot.

Really hot.

As a matter of fact, all Apple products are hell’a sexy.

When robots and computers take over the planet I hope they make Apple PC’s the prostitutes.

I mean, why else call something a MacBook Pro?

*Lenswork + Edits – TERRENCE ELENTENY


  1. Dart_Adams says:


    That just happened! © Ricky Bobby


  2. lola gets says:

    Dude, stop licking that keyboard! Gettin it all wet n’ inoperable ‘ shit.


  3. Tony says:

    Already linked up over here.

    Laughed my ass off on that one . . . Awesome silent movie acting as well with a killer music choice.


  4. h8torade says:

    I think that computer needs a new motherboard…..

    also, did you strap it on before you hit it?

    you know how many other people have run up on that keyboard?

  5. Music was genius.
    Oh man though.

  6. dubble13 says:


    You a fool for that one!

    Try not to catch the “virus” from all that computer love!

    Dallas Penn keep computers ‘putin!

  7. e-loheem*com says:

    Your really crazy. Peep my new email (had a stalker) for your mailing list. -1

  8. Tiffany says:

    Dallas you are too crazy!! I can’t believe those customer service reps let you hump and lick all over their products!

  9. Robbie says:

    That sales kid with the sideburns wasn’t sayin’ nathan to you molesting those jawns.

  10. omegaSB says:

    macbook air = stupid

  11. Skeeter Valentine says:

    i know white people like apple products..but this is too far. Just TOO FAR. You sir, are an ANIMAL!

  12. omegaSB says:

    macbook pro = the shiznit

  13. Meka Soul says:

    i need to go to that apple store when i’m out there next month.

    anybody willing to get off in a public place gets my props instantly [||].

    dp what up! holla @ me!

  14. *pees Pants*

    Ole Kane From Menace Zapp and Roger lookin ass nukka!

    o ya my macpro is official

  15. Dan Love says:

    I got my groove on with a hot little Nano this weekend.

    Shit was wild.

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