DP Dot Com Final 4-Rizzle 4-Shizzle

batty boy
Batty Boy [ll].

Party people, it’s that time of year to get your NCAA brackets on and poppin’. March = madness. Is Memphis gonna get the crown this year? What about Tennessee, UNC. I smell a HOYA movement underway.

DP Dot Com is giving you the chance to win yourself a FREE pair of kicks if can be the leader of the pack after the ‘chip game. Kicks = sneakers for all you Canadian motherfuckers. Here’s the drilly…

Hit me in the comments section with put your e-mail address in the sign-in field so I know who’s out here. I’ll give you the password to play in the DP Dot Com tourney. You gotta be in it to win it.

[ll] to being in it…

of course.

DP Dot Com Final 4-Rizzle 4-Shizzle

42 Responses to “DP Dot Com Final 4-Rizzle 4-Shizzle”

  1. dubble13 says:

    I’ll take a shot

  2. Are1 says:

    I’m in. Hoyas, kid!!!

  3. KiNGrEX says:

    Sign me up

  4. Luq says:

    I’m down…

  5. UConn all the way…oh wait this isn’t 1999. My mistake.

  6. Batty Boy…funny on so many levels. My boys and I spent the late 90s trying to figure out what was up with his head.

  7. Dart_Adams says:

    Sure, why not. If I come in second in this too that just means I’m versatile/well rounded.


  8. I have not watched 1 college hoops game this season, but I’m in like Flynn. Is Gonzaga still killing the giants? Is Iowa State still any good? Did Michigan come back from being sanctioned for cheating?

    BTW, the Fab Five [||] Michagan squad of Webber, Jalen Rose, & the other assorted WCs in the early 90s should get a Nobel award for ending the era of the butt-high shorts of the 80s, with the much better but still kinda gay capri pant super-long shorts. No John Stockton jic.

    BTW, the Che Gauchos seem to have produced the the 1st PILF, Argentina President Christina Fernandez

    Venezuela Pres Hugo Chavez is already tryna holler

  9. 40 says:

    No Temple this year (again) but I’m in like Flynn…

  10. TShaka says:

    Im In! Holler at me!

  11. CommishCH says:

    yes yes yall…I gots DeVry over Eds TV Repair Academy in the final

  12. LM says:

    It’s been a year already?

  13. BiggSipp says:

    I’m in. Winning this one for the kids.

  14. 2GunzUp says:

    im down fam

  15. big rils says:

    I’m down to win this thing. go HOYAS.

  16. twerkolator says:

    “…rotate them chickens like a weather vane
    the wind blows, it come and go i’m hurricane
    listen again, i hurry caine
    don’t make come to mee-ami and bury wayne
    now check it…”

    “keep inflatin’ ya numbers
    i somersault rap wonder bread
    if i’m over ya head nigga
    better that than halos and angels
    my money flow through a triangle…”

  17. Candice says:

    I’m in.

  18. cashus clays says:

    Im in

  19. p-city says:

    I’m in

  20. I’M IN!!!! If I’m not too late, that is.


  21. POSTAL says:

    IT’S ON

  22. the_dallas says:



  23. Karim says:

    Let me Get in. Eric from ATl made a Chall’ange

  24. Ni says:

    Da Heelz get the chip and I get the kickz … those black & white air zoom 95 joints would look pretty fly.

  25. a-one says:

    Is it on Yahoo? If so I’m down. Maybe even if it’s not.

  26. maxwell says:

    Put me in!

  27. russ the bus says:

    i’m in. hit me up

  28. daz_oc says:

    Im down

  29. Louie D says:

    Ten-A-Key Gots It On Lock

  30. DC says:

    I’m in.

  31. A-Town says:

    I’m in
    watch out for Texas

  32. dougie says:

    In it to win it!!

  33. King Kevin says:

    Let a brotha in, so I can win them dunks!

  34. Joejoe123 says:

    iim in

  35. Itzsoweeze says:

    Let’s do this. Y’all better watch out for Temple. Christmas in March muthafucka!!

  36. CI says:

    I have 2 hours-is it too late DP?

  37. the_dallas says:

    Yeah, this pool is a wrap. I can’t even fuck with administering some Yahoo shit now while I’m on a Blackberry at my day job. I may do a bracket for the NBA playoffs if some paper comes through.

    Get in where you fit in next time.

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