I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…


DP Dot Com Family and Friends,

If I haven’t said “Thank You” to you personally over the past thirty some odd years, then please forgive my reticence.

To Chocolate Snowflake,
You are the most beautiful woman in the world.

Your beauty would surely set 1000 ships asail for the shores of Troy [ll].

The glow from your smile is my favorite toy.

You are compassionate past words to the sounds that a deaf man hears.

You are intelligent to a level that most humans can’t attain even if they lived light years…

I’m gonna have to send that joint on the IM because you fools wanna get bloggy. I gotta def give C.S. a shout though because I recognize who butters my buns. I’m not even gonna follow that use with a [ll] sign. If any of you homos ever get a broad and you go to St. Maarten with her on some str8 holiday ish then you might could possibly feel as good as I do. They doing it nice and smooth down there too, but if you make the jump take my advice, rent an apartment with a full kitchen. C.S. and I hit up the supermarket and made better meals by our damn selves than we paid good U.S. cash for in some of St. Maarten’s so-called restaurants (no SoCalled).

The beaches were dope though. Nah’Mean?!?


C.S. was on her co-pilot grizzly too. We circumnavigated the island and found a few spots to max and relax in our Kangol hats while the sun set.





Peace to my brother GUDTYME. That is my negro. He is the cat that gave me my taste of the limelight in the entertainment production game. Mainly he taught me the Record Industry Rule #5,673.

“There shall be no smiling. Evar.”

no smiles

I be fucking up sometimes though.

Like when I’m winning, I’m always grinning.

Shout to Haitian Miguel too, and Haitian Greggs.

Even though that shit was just mad what is called non-sequitur I had to go there.

Fuck it though since I’m high and I got a nice little mixtape on the stereo.

More shout outs…

GrandMaster, I rocked those AF-1s this Sunday when I hung out with momdukes. Rain came down a bunch of times but they never got wet. Went to visit dad. The Mets won.

Combat Jack

Thank you all individually and personally.

What the fuck has been going on here in the states? I heard the NBA had a draft. Do Knickerbocker fans even give a fuck? Did I miss the annual B.E.T. awards too?

Damn, all this ninja shit is poppin’ off like Shinobi.

Let’s see what else is good with the world…

13 Responses to “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…”

  1. nation says:

    what up d?!?!

  2. thoreauly77 says:

    welcome back to civility (?) d. finishing up my thesis and hopefully getting a job up in east bay soon. peace.

  3. Grand Master says:

    word up. them shits is fire. I had a chance to copp for $40 on eBay in my size… woulda done it but i passed it up for some 2002 bape instead. you know how i be fiending… but SFU rules ruled the day (kicks > $30 = no thanks). Some day… some day.

  4. Candice says:

    Welcome Back. That beach looked pretty good……

  5. Amadeo says:

    The NBA draft stay losing. The NFL draft is crack. Then again B’more doesn’t have a team so it don’ matter.

    “Like when I’m winning, I’m always grinning.”

    Shine on…

  6. Combat Jack says:

    Good looks duke, welcome’s back and Thank you for 3 years of straight continuous edutainment my brother!

  7. Dart_Adams says:

    There was a draft. The Celtics wound up getting two super fast, athletic, high jumpin’, three point shootin’ dudes (J.R. Giddens & Bill Walker) and the Knicks drafted…a 6’9″ skinny Italian dude that they think can play PG/SG/SF. I laughed myself outta my chair after the announcement. I turned my TV up to hear the boos. Thank God for HD TV.

    Oh yeah, welcome back…Is my Len Bias DVD in the mail?


  8. p-city says:

    Welcome back, Kid.

    oh, and by thye way, the Bulls picked up the best player in the draft…

  9. P-Matik says:

    You rocked a pair of fatheads???

    Yo I need to hit the Caribbean at some point. Looks good, D.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Welcome back D!!! You didn’t miss much. B.E.T awards viewing down 14%! Now that’s what’s up!!! Whoo Hoo!

  11. Tony says:

    Welcome back D!!! Killer stuff today.

  12. Meka Soul says:

    welcome back, dp. it’s times like this where i’m glad i’m alive.

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