DP Dot Com Covers Bad Boys – Vol.1


*Editor’s nore: The following drop has nothing to do with the King Of All Jigs

I just finished watching the ‘DareDevil’ film again and I have to tell you that it isn’t as bad as people will speak of it. BEN AFFLECK was a little too stiff as DD, but COLIN FARRELL and MICHAEL CLARKE-DUNCAN made up for that poor casting choice. As a matter of fact, COLIN FARRELL killed as DareDevil’s arch-nemesis Bullseye. Literally, and figuratively.

Bullseye to DareDevil is quite possibly the equivalent in ratio as The Joker to Batman. These characters relationships extend past the comic story archs into philosophical notions about good, evil and humanity. FRANK MILLER was the artist and writer who was able to take all of these characters and really describe the inner workings of men’s souls and why we struggle.




FRANK MILLER made Bullseye a beast. A perfect killing machine beast. Bullseye was peeling back wigs with pencils and playing cards long before the ‘Dark Knight’ made it to the big screen. MILLER used the DareDevil books as the training ground to leap over to Batman.

I’m not mad at him either because DareDevil wasn’t a book I was interested in before MILLER. I loved the way MILLER used New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen as a character in the DareDevil stories. The city was a living animal that spoke to Matt Murdock. When I would go to places like Park West High School and Graphic Communications High School with the Decepts I would see the old shooting galleries and flophouses that the MILLER DareDevil and Bullseye would operate through.




Bullseye is as malevolent as Matt Murdock is righteous. Bullseye is the world’s best assassin, and he is such a principally-centered sociopath that he refuses to accept any money for killing DareDevil. Albeit, he hasn’t been too successful at this job. Instead he gets foiled time and again by the sightless defender. What drives Bullseye even crazier is the fact that DareDevil won’t kill him. DareDevil instead has simply broken every bone in Bullseye’s body.




As long as Bullseye has a breath of air in his body and the ability to throw something he will plot and scheme on DareDevil’s demise.

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  1. Amadeo says:

    I just finished Dark Knight returns. Miller is the truth.

    I know you heard about the Shenanigans around The Watchmen movie.

  2. Combat Jack says:

    ^ “I just finished watching the ‘DareDevil’ film again and I have to tell you that it isn’t as bad as people will speak of it. ”

    Co-sign. A bad movie, but a bad movie that I liked nonetheless.

  3. CeeZDieM says:

    Inspired casting of Michael Clarke Duncan.

    Just now reading Watchmen for the first time (extra late pass) and shit is mangos already! Cant wait to read further.

  4. ready roc says:

    BULLSeye beeen my favorite since the 80’s…………….I was also a big Punisher fan as well….Marvel hit a real gritty spurt in the mid to late 80’s………………..

    on a side note Dallas my fellow SB affincianado…………just copped the all white Mid SB Tokyo joints today for slightly less than a yard…………………….checked ebay and dudes got em at $200 already in some circles…………….that cocaine white, wit tha navy blue sb on the strap and sole……..I’m bout to call em my “bullseyes”.

  5. Dart_Adams says:

    I did a drop on my favorite all time comic book villains (part one of many) last week and Bullseye was on it. Also I’m still irked by the Daredevil movie…namely seeing Bullseye without a uniform and the playground fight. Here’s the link to my drop:



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