Draft Daze…


Now that the Association’s season has finally tipped off almost everything is right with the world. The fact that the Knicks are currently undefeated is simply just gravy on top of the frosted icing.

As every season begins filled with promise and potential I scan the team rosters to see if my homey DONTREVIUS WENTERS has been picked up by any of the clubs.

DONTREVIUS WENTERS has held on to his hoop dreams for the last eighteen years hoping to be drafted by a team in need of the special skills he brings to the game. When I say special skills I should clarify that as Special Education.

DONTREVIUS loves the game of basketball, but his skillset to basketball is equal to Lil’ Wayne’s rapping. Actually, DONTREVIUS is worse. I can listen to Lil’ Wayne. I close my eyes when DON steps on the court.

Still and all DONTREVIUS maintains his hoop dreams through his annual draft day disappointment. Maybe someone will give this kid a shot. Let him at least get the water or wipe the sweat from the floor with a towel. Let him work his way up the ladder. The one thing he has for the game is love.

Just don’t let him hold your basketball.

Draft Daze pt.1:
Conceived / Directed / Edited – Terrence Q. Elenteny
Writers – Dallas Penn, Terrence Q. Elenteny
Original Score – Jon Davis

Dontrevius Wenters – Dallas Penn
Fatima Wenters – Terri Ballard
Coach – Murray Adams

12 Responses to “Draft Daze…”

  1. 40 says:

    (In best Jiggerman Peter Brady voice)


  2. Mark Dub says:

    Yo….I think I’ve played with Dontrevius before….

  3. Mark Dub says:

    [ll] on that last comment….

  4. Children of Sanchez says:

    ahaha billy taibo yoga and that ending shot were the things that got me. Nice to have something to watch during a little morning wake n’ bake

  5. a-one says:

    lol @ flying around in circles

  6. a-one says:

    Wait a minute. What is that beat in the beginning? I know it as “Mild Sauce” by this cat Que Billah out of Chicago

  7. ADB says:

    and whats the track playing from 1:10 – 1:30?

  8. Blackwater says:

    this is the joint. I swear, I was watching the Clippers lakers game and I pulled out my basketball ,n/h, and I felt just like the homie.

  9. MHB says:

    cosign @ Children of Sanchez. That last 30 secs in cinematic gold…


  10. Gina says:

    I gotta go get my wallet.
    THAT shit was worth every dime of ‘CHEA!
    You’s a fool…of the best kind!

  11. Gina says:

    Hold up…was that big finish from The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh?

    • Justice says:

      I was going to look for the note pads made for labeling. The whole back is sticky and not just the top edge. We’ve been having a lot of wind lately and I wo28&nd#lu17;t want them to blow off the gas pumps. Thought of another one, “Can we affored 4 more years and 4 trillion more in debt?”

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