The Black Athlete’s Burden…


Well I hope you are happy

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TERRELL OWENS brought some of this ignominy on himself as well, but isn’t that always the case when an athlete steps outside of the box? The NFL in particular is quick to use their media lackeys to posit the outspoken and competitiive star player as someone who lacks the concept of putting the team first. RANDY MOSS caught this characterization previously, ANQUAN BOLDIN and PLAXICO BURRESS more recently.

I’m certainly not defending any of these dudes actions off the field either, but where was the outcry when BRETT FARVE held the Green Bay Packers contractually hostage?

I don’t care if T.O. has a monster season wherever he ends up playing because he won’t be in a Cowboys’ uniform. I’m mad that the owners made this decision to appease a ravenous, bloodthirsty press corps. Or they did it to satisfy the morning drive-in radio listener who thinks he could be a general manager but views the sports landscape from the prism of the 1950’s prior free agency. I wonder what JACKIE ROBINSON would have said if free agncy was available to him?

He would have said nothing, if he were smart.

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  1. chief racka says:

    Letting T.O. go made no sense. Dallas has no one to fill his shoes and Romo will probably slide more comfortably into his role as mediocre QB. Aside from the occasional touchdown celebration, all of O’s outbursts were directly related to trying to win games. I’m not a fan of his, but it’s fucked up.

  2. Amadeo says:

    I never got the Boldin thing…dude worked hard. What people forget is that he wasn’t a 1st round pick, but he probably outplayed all the 1st round WRs for his draft year…including the one the Cardinals picked before him. Any dude that does that and only misses three weeks after he getting his face BROKEN…pay the man.

  3. Gee says:

    While I dispise the Cowboys, I think when one is collecting the kind of money that T.O. was, ignance should be easy to suppress, but he had beef with lower paid YTboys which was hyped, he should have been on guard.

  4. nerditry says:

    Lest we not forget, dude is crazy and very sensitive.

  5. 40 says:

    I hope this isn’t some contorted plea for sympathy for TO based on some sort of racial lines. That silly niggrow got what was coming to him. There’s being an outspoken presence that uplifts and challenges your teammates to excel and they you got these Marbury, TO mickey fickey’s that just bitch to hear themselves talk.

    EFF TO. I’m waiting for all his past QBs to get together and Drop Squad is monkey ass.

  6. big rils says:

    After a game in which Romo threw to him 18 times, TO complained to the press about not getting the ball enough. I’m not denying he wanted to win, but I just think he couldn’t stop letting his emotions and ego get in his way. You can say what you want about the press vilifying him, but I think it’s a different situation from the other WR’s you mentioned, who actually were treated unfairly.

    When it comes down to it, TO is not the same player he was, and wouldn’t be worth the money even if he weren’t such a pain in the ass. Throw in the fact that he has alienated the QB, and they couldn’t have both on the team next year. Who do you think they were gonna pick, TO or Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend?

    Plus, Roy Williams isn’t too shabby as a replacement.

  7. Candice says:

    Choosing to criticize your teammates, quarterback, owners, the midst of the season is never a good look and he continues to be the cancer of every team he goes to. When you have an athlete of his caliber who continues to get traded…..that tells you all you need to know. Learn to suck it up, shut up and put that emotion into the game TO.

    I still blame Dallas….they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into when they signed him. Hell, he’s just being TO. Why cut him, cause Romo can’t work with him? Crazy.

  8. Candice says:

    Uh…big Rills…..breaking news ….they released Roy Williams too.

  9. the_dallas says:

    Oh snap! They cut Roy Williams too? Is Terry Glenn making a comeback?

  10. Polotron says:

    R. Williams WR

  11. Polotron says:

    He’s still on the roster…otherwise, it’s gonna be all Whitten, all the time.

  12. 40 says:

    Roy Williams – Safety. AKA “Biscuit”

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