This is quite a way to wrap up the most discussions on rap music we have hosted on this site in a long time. If you are a rap fan then you should be in heaven right now. There are several albums being released that give you something to listen to other than ‘808s & Heartbreaks’. At least it gives me something else to listen to.

There is nothing that I have been spinning more than the new DOOM album ‘Born Like This’. It’s laced with sick beats throughout and some of the most retarded rhymes I have ever listened to, since the last DOOM album I suppose. I love DOOM because of the shit he references and the fact he can flat out spit. It’s like if ODB were a master lyricist he would have been the Supervillain.

Here’s how good the DOOM album is… I went on eBay and bought a Doctor Doom action figure (like the joints I mailed to some of you folks) so that I could make some videos to a few of these DOOM tracks. I love when music inspires me to lose myself. Being a fan of rap music is what I enjoy the most. Rick Ross, Asher Roth, SlaughterHouse and now DOOM. I am winning right now.

Don’t take my word for it though, ask Mos Def…

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Supervillains (featuring Kurious, Mobonix & Slug)

That’s That

12 Responses to “DOOM, FOR THE WIN…”

  1. goathair says:

    Batty-Boys is hilarious.

  2. mercilesz says:

    i own every 12″ from the early fondle em days….saw his 1st new york appearance at nuyorican as a teenager….and if i feel like it might jus break out the peachfuzz 12″ tonite when i spin….holla….oh yeah white power

  3. chief racka says:

    I was expecting a MadVillain reboot, not that that would have been a bad thing- but the shit’s fresh.
    And yeah… ODB with a lyricist’s makeover, so true.

  4. Gee says:

    This is my third time on Gazillion and I am SO loving the intervier with Mos Def!

  5. Lion XL says:

    on tha real… I never checked for DOOM, I couldn’t get the gimmick, it just rattles my nerves when dudes have to ACT crazy ( as opposed to DMX who is just effin crazy!) .

    but DP you moved to listen, and Imma try to hear the whole album, and let you know what I think.

    BUT you are not convincing me on that kiss-my-Asher Roth BS. I tried to listen to greenhouse….NO.

    PS…Tron, I see you my G!

  6. Much better than Mm…Food. I’m a big DOOM fan. You’re right on about him being ODB on Ritalin.

  7. Jdotnicholas says:

    DOOM all day. I still think VV may be the illest, but I ride none-the-less.

    And my Doc Doom is maxxing out in the studio, ruling the dustbunnies with an iron fist, DP.

  8. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Dallas, Fuck you. I am trying to go cold turkey on your site with a little progress then you get me on lock with this ill drop like a shiny glock bout to spray the block and put old folks in shock.Mos Def Mos Penn.peace………………………….audi////////////////////Ernie

  9. king blair says:

    The current Doom storyline in the Millar FF run is lackluster but Hitch artwork is the bomb. DP you need to show some love to my man Frank Quietly his All-Star Superman is the stuff of legends

  10. VEe says:

    Doom does his thing. The Gazillion track right there is tight.

    BUT . . . . .

    Ghost level of wizardry and wordplay is nuts when he gets busy.

    Did ya peep the Doom feature on De La Soul Grind Date CD?!!? Tight.

    Rick Ross new CD is tight?? I’ll try to see if MySpace is bumping it.

    I fux with Asher Roth, but I don’t know if he can carry an entire CD. I heard the Greenhouse Effect joint.

  11. as a cat who’s known Dumile for 10 yrs now, I think it’s dope to see that people are really giving it up for true creativity in the game……He like Kool Keith have these larger than life bugged out personas, but behind it all are just regular “normal” dudes who are extremely humble. Definitely good peeps!!!!!

    Oh and DP, I agree with you on most things, but we definitely differ on Asher Rothschild and the Bilderberg convention. I would put him in a sleeping bag and straight swing that shit against the largest Oak tree I could find until he promised to STOP IT.

  12. ADB says:

    Doom is the essence of Hip Hop. Deadbent = one of the G.O.A.T rap songs and the best flip of an Isaac Hayes sample ever.

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