So you know I have been stanning ridiculous on the new DOOM album ‘Born Like This’. It is so good it’s pushed ‘808s & Heartbreak’ from the rotation in my iTunes as the album I play straight through to inspire my madness. So good indeed that I was motivated to put together another fanboy video.

A few months (or maybe a year ago) I put together an MF Doom compilation CD and issued it along with a Fantastic Four comic book and a Doctor Doom Marvel Icons action figure (C.S. calls them dolls and I hate that). Shout to the folks that actually PayPal’d the kid some bucks for those sets.

I ended up going to eBay to buy another Dr. Doom action figure since I had shipped away all the joints in my collection. When the package arrived this week I plotted my video shoot. Even though the figure has many points of articulation it still wasn’t as posable as I had hoped. I played around with a few different looks but the best one is the look I kept repeating.


I set out this beautiful weekend with an unlimited Metrocard and my backpack filled up with cameras and equipment to film Dr. Doom taking over New York City, or at least just enjoying the gorgeous weather.

From Clinton Hill to Times Square we encountered curious and concerned tourists who feared for my life as I shot some of the scenes while lying down in the middle of Fifth Avenue traffic.


I take this shit real serious when I get inspired. One day I will have the budget to hire the people that have the talent to let you see my crazy visions.

Word to the 20 inch Zenith that my cousin Raekwon owned.

Believe it.

25 Responses to “DOOOOOOOOOOM!”

  1. CtrlAltMalik says:

    Classic Ish right here!

    U should do a video for batty boyz Batman and Robin need to be exposed

  2. fats says:

    terrific video and editing d! congrats!

    check the sm*king s*ction too for a link to your joint. thats whats up!

  3. Smear says:

    Good shit.DOOOOM!
    With the regularity you insist on playin in traffic, I’m amazed you haven’t been pancaked yet D. Trust, even with the copious amounts of painkillers, its not much fun.

  4. I am jackin one of those pics for my myspace Dallas …

  5. the_dallas says:

    ^ Yeah, they are fresh right?

  6. Jdotnicholas says:


    Still got my DOOM on ice… I’m sure that’s gonna be all over the yootoobs. Silverback Guerrilla Video DP!

  7. What I love about Born Like This is that DOOM sharpened up his production. It doesn’t sound like “yacht rock” beats from Operation: Doomsday. (not a knock on Doomsday) The beats are matched by the darkness of the whole villian persona.

  8. LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! metal faced penn

  9. VEe says:

    These photos are dope, hilarious and would really work for some kind of short film. Marvel should take note.

  10. DirtyJerz says:

    “….once in a while, every other minute, eyes pop out, Popeye, heavy on the spinach!”

    Doom just blacks the f*ck out…great video, B. don’t one ya’ self for the art though!

  11. 1969 says:

    My son loves these photos….

  12. Amadeo says:

    See…you make my want to break out my camera….Wolverine and the Thing are having it out on my bookcase right now.

  13. slumdog millionairess says:

    awesome video — i’m still waiting for coldplay to give you a cut. and the styling is on point – love the green dress and cape ensemble.

  14. Jaislayer says:

    This some good shit right chea, DP. I don’t beleive you was laying in the street like that to get that shot. You getting your Coen brothers on.

  15. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Is it my ears or does Doom sound exactly like Erick Sermon of EPMD fame? WTF? Dallas. Do you hear me, they are on some separated at birth voice shit. Peace, Ernie
    PS your video is dope, looks straight dusted.

  16. universal truth says:

    Look at that hood! DOOM got the CHAMPION CAPE on lock.

  17. sangano says:

    this is fire DP

  18. Damon Brown says:

    Thanks for showing love last week. Had to head to the airport early, but I would have made other plans if I knew you were recording this while I was in the Apple.

    Enjoy Porn & Pong and, oh yeah, Fuck Yo Meetin’!

  19. chief racka says:

    en fuego mi negro.
    Too bad we didn’t see an 808s and Heartbreak vid. no fish sticks… seriously.

  20. Delgodo says:

    Is that the Doctor Doom released by Mego toys???

  21. Nice website. I have added it to my favorites.

  22. I applaud you for having the forum here to try and generate some meaningful discussion about topics that affect us all. Freedom of speech is a great thing. 🙂

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