The Life & Style of 40 Diesel: Vol.1

40 deez

Editor’s note: Everyone say “Welcome back” to 40 Deez…

Whats up to the DP DOT COM Consortium of Interconnected Networks, belovedly known as “INTERNETS x 3”. Its been a while since I’ve dropped a blarticle (trademark pending) in the spot. It’s a beautiful day in NYC and now that the rainy season has taken a break, and the temperature and the sun becoming consistently consistent, its time we move into our summer stages (no Central Park). Traditionally this transition leads us to swapping out our seasonal wears, cracking into the kicks we the Sneaker Fiend iced all thru the mess of winter, and getting your shades game correct.

However another part of the summer lifestyle (and not THEE Lifestyle) that often gets overlooked in these preparatory weeks is one’s choice of beverage when you’re getting right for the night (or day). Heat changes your palette and we have to adapt to that, I mean I love Guinness, but it is really not what is hitting on a 90+ degree day. So we tend to move to lighter, more refreshing drinks, served in big cups with lots of ice for the long haul on a hot day. These drinks will be your alcoholic oasis.

Last but not least – with the other climate change we need to consider… That’s right people ECONOMICS… Whether on Eastern Parkway, or East Hampton, these recession proof delights will lace your pocket, your palette, and your party. With out further ado…

1. The 40 Dawg Mimosa – They often say that necessity is the mother of invention, well this is a mother of an invention. A twist on the brunch classic, this could be made as Rakim once said – “From ghetto to ghetto, backyard to yard.” These ingredients can be found anywhere, and was born out of what was left in my fridge one dismal day in Winston-Salem, NC. This simple concoction is best made in a 40 bottle. Take one 40 of Olde English, drink down to label. Fill the bottle up back with Sunny Delight, and mix the ingredients by gently inverting the bottle several times (with the cap on for you slow folk). Fill plastic cup with ice. Pour a finger’s width of Peach Schnapps on the bottom, fill cup with OE/Sunny D mix, drizzle a little more Peach Schnapps on top. Enjoy.

2. The Nat Turner – Consider this the payback for the Lynchburg Lemonade, plus after a pitcher of these you’ll be ready for war. In a large pitcher combine equal parts – Absolut Citron (or any citrus Vodka), Bacardi Limon, Limoncello (and Italian lemon liquor), Triple Sec, and either E & J (aka “The Sponsor”) or Henny (depending on your budget). Mix one part of the liquor blend to two parts of Minute Maid Lemonade (the chilled carton stuff) or any Lemonade of your choice. If you’re feeling extra spunky add a spritzer edge with citrus seltzer or Sprite.

3. The Clifford – This is a new age homage to an old turn of the decade (‘80’s/’90’s) classic, The Formula. I remember when I was a 40 Pup, and St. Ides just killed urban radio with their campaigns, and brain cells with their brew, cats took this potent swill a step further. Mixing Ides with Pina Colada Champale, begat The Formula, perfect vacation drink when all you were doing was slacking off (and became “Special Brew” later). Well 15+ years later I put a spin on it – The Clifford. Named after the big red dog of children’s lit, this is a big red drink that will dog you out. Another malt based beverage, this one is again served over ice in a large cup (preferably something of the McD’s, BK variety). It’s a mix of Remy Red and Olde English, topped with an airplane bottle of Remy. Consistency of the drink is key on this one – you have to counteract the syrupy viscosity of the Remy Red with the Old Gold, until you have a nice fruity refreshing carbonated beverage, which you can enjoy with a straw. Trust me on this one. If you didn’t know what was in it you’d love it.

4. The Dallas Penn – Yeah I had to save the namesake drink for last. I enjoy being DP’s partner[ll] in obamas and he’s got some great footage of them. DP and the Diesel have been working in the lab trying to figure out a new partner for The Sponsor (aka E & J) other than the generic ginger ale. Well alas one day DP introduced me to the future as we were headed to the Highline Ballroom on night for the Jada joint. This is truly a seasonal drink because one of the components is only available from Spring thru Labor Day. What is this drink you ask? McDonalds Sweet Tea and E&J Brandy. Mix in proportions of your choosing and go. Also this is the ultimate on the go beverage because the container is perfect camouflage. Get on it people. Time is ticking.

So I hope you enjoyed these early suggestions. Please do not wretch at these ingredients until you’ve tried them. Seriously I enjoy my better booze as much as the next man, but in these times its usually when someone is footing the bill. So when you’re trying to get fine on your own dime, drop me a line, and give these some shine. Trust in Diesel, I got you.

15 Responses to “The Life & Style of 40 Diesel: Vol.1”

  1. Combat Jack says:

    Props my dude. I’mma have to check the Nat Turner, just on GP.

  2. 40 says:

    @CJ… Name the time and place I’ll whip up a batch for me, you, and DP.

  3. DirtyJerz says:

    Word Is Bawn. Nice piece, 40 I gots to cop me a plaid Fez!LOL…Ima have to check for the Nat T a little later, but since I’m in Panera, I’ll settle for the DP on the rocks for now, B.

  4. Nat Turner maybe the summer drink of choice for me.

    I almost bought the MH Carbones shirt but there’s a typo on “extortions.” (I’m a giant nerd like that). Just thought I’d let you know.

    Dope post.

  5. 40 says:

    @EB good catch. I believe we caught that on the production run…

  6. have always been the smooth never drizzled or shakin type brother…I loved the post…but for clarification stated..”Pour a finger’s width of Peach Schnapps “…who’s finger…your big azz finger or mine? My dude, spring refreshments will never be the same!

  7. Polotron says:

    I’m putting The Nat Turner up for the summertime ENERGON amongst my kickos…(Henny version)…although at first glance, it sounds like (real) trouble.

    *Lo note: Guinness is what’s good in ANY weather…particularly after the 6th one (3rd if you working w/ the “big doofys”). Something about them and seedless just works.

  8. 40 says:

    Addendum – The Nat Turner becomes The Emiliano Zapata when the brandy/cognac aspect is replaced with that Cuervo 1800 tequila.

  9. the_dallas says:

    I co-sign that 1800 if you can get at it.

    The people at 1800 need to get with this DP Fanboyz movement Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán stylee

  10. Candice says:

    The Nat Turner is working for me…..the Emiliano Zapata??? Even better.

  11. Polotron says:

    Not messing with you cats on that tequila.
    SMH @ waking up “urlly” in the bookings.

    Nope not gonna do it…ok, maybe pre-Stevie party, but that’s it…unless I’m in Cali, standing next to Tash… but never after that….unless it’s Labor Day….but never again!!!!…yep, it would take both Strothers’ to gas me to there after that…swear….I mean, she’d have to be really, really cute….

    (scrolls to Winehouse)

  12. Kiana says:

    The first part of 40 Dawg Mimosa reminds me of Regina King in Boyz N the Hood, and since I consider myself a lemonade connoisseur I will definitely take a shot at that Nat Turner.

  13. Lion XL says:

    You be effin with that fire water wayyyy tooo much…My gut hasnt been the same since CISCO was the drink….I’ll just keep puffin my green…..

  14. if i may.

    The Bodega Weisse – Get a clear-bottle (a lot of the charm here is in the presentation) 40 from the bodega, as well as a quarter water (I recommend red). Drink down to the label and pour the Red quarter water in. The whole thing glows Ruby red and actually looks kinda like that one part of the Youngbloodz video for “U-way” where they sell 40 oz sports drinks called Slizzard. It’s smooth as fuck. I have discovered that my next door neighbor actually drinks these winter, spring, summer, fall.

    The Darryl Strawberry (courtesy of my dude That Huberok) – This has some hard to find ingredients, but it’s simple. Strawberry Cisco + Strawberry Soda.

    The Rags-to-Riches (also courtesy of That Huberok) – Cisco Red and Hennessey. Can’t really recommend actually drinking this, but it’s the concept that counts.

  15. fats says:

    circa 89, my mans five grand (c) DP put me onto the neighborhood swill that he used to sip on good old upscale irvington, nj. he had just moved down to the ATL from there and he would accompany me up to the local circle k store where i would sell mix tapes (read: cassettes) to make some bread. there was a liquor store two stores down that we would walk to after i made my first 10 dollars.

    knowledge born punch (no, really, thats his name; sorry 5ers):

    1 small bottle cisco –> YOU PICK!!!!!!!!!!!! we went thru them all
    1 40 oz COLT 45 or OLDE ENGLISH –> again, YOU PICK. we alternated daily to keep it brand new.

    drink 40 down to label and pour in the small cisco bottle. enjoy!

    ahh, those were the days. i used to love selling those mixtapes.

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