The Internets Show is now an official podcast in beta version.

We’ll get better than this beta in a short while.

The internets is no longer safe.

9 Responses to “BETA 2 DA’ MAX!”

  1. Johnny Sagan says:

    Booooooooooooooooom! “Blowing up like I thought you would, call the crib, same number same hood: it’s all good!”

  2. Johnny Sagan says:

    Best line so far: “I mean, isn’t this what you want? Don’t you want…black males to be more feminine? Don’t you want black males to wear, uh, long earrings that are attached to their nipples? T.I. was gonna give you that, and now you put him in jail?” Fucking funny, had to laugh.

  3. good stuff dp. the internets arent safe anymore.

  4. Tayo says:


  5. fats says:

    thats whats good d! say do i need to create a second dp theme for the blog?

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    Yo D….nice work on the Podcast, B. I downloaded it and me and my girl listened to it on the ride up to the ‘burbs yesterday. We cracked the fux up the entire ride!

    Fats…you nice with picking the themes ked…go in! (ll)

  7. goathair says:

    Get this in iTunes, mang.

  8. Devine says:

    This is the reason my favorite podcast’s no longer my favorite.

  9. boi-dan says:

    Who said podcasts had to have music??? Hell nah, just talk.. Additonaly, you should have guest (other people) and talk with them you are pretty entertaining when you are dialoguing.

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