meth mouth

The makers of Mountain Dew listened to the public outcry that MTN DEW was ruining people’s teeth and they developed a product that helps you maintain proper oral hygiene while still enjoying the taste of your favorite MTN DEW products.

7 Responses to “MOUNTAIN DEWthpaste…”

  1. a-one says:

    never do a video without a shirt on again tho

  2. Pea Dun says:

    Man I’m glad that Mountain Dew doesn’t sell many units down here in Aus.
    That shit is fucked up!

  3. Robbie says:

    No shirt, no service.

  4. Russ the Bus says:

    do you just wear that highline ballroom wristband all week so you’re always ready for “next” tuesday? genius.

    roots jam session>Ball cancer
    pink “disposable” wristband>livestrong wristband
    …that’s a little logic for ya, cause i got a degree in that shit. from a college.

    keep droppin those twitter haikus too! twitter haikus are the new coolest gayest coolest thing.

  5. Jonny D says:

    So glad I woke up to a topless Dallas Penn.
    Hilarious though.

  6. Gee says:

    I got to 1:44 and immediately thought that this shite is wrong on SO many levals…but then again, that is WHY I block my kids from the web…..LMBAO!!!!!!

  7. Drama says:

    some people just aren’t ready for that much man

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