Jumping Out The Window With This One…


The pic above has been circulating around the internets (TWitter actually) as the latest tattoo that Crooked I is sporting. I hope that isn’t the homey Crooked’s arm not because tattoos are so 1999 but because slaughter is spelled ‘slaugter’ and there is no excuse for that. Sure SlaughterHouse is dope as fuck and if you are into getting tats then by all means partake, but do a spell check first before you put some shit on your shit. Your arm isn’t a gotdamn blog.

I’ve heard mention that the terrestrial radio station SHot97 has been playing a SlaughterHouse track. That is fucking great news. I’m glad that E-1 is squeezing off some paper for this project. Lord knows they should have some dollars to soend since they moved their offices back into the basement of Alan Grunblatt’s parents house on Long Island. Moving back into my parent’s basement was a good look for me 10 years ago. I helped me sober up and save some bucks.

I wonder what the touring schedule will be to support the album? I can see SlaughterHouse doing engagements where they split themselves into two man teams to optimize their effect. Royce-Budden, Budden-Ortiz, Ortiz-Crooked and various combinations. SlaughterHouse will be copied sloppily if their formula makes a dent in the industry. Artists especially will look to form supergroups. It makes more sense for doing shows when artists share their respective fanbases.

I thought I was going to find the SlaughterHouse debut on the web this weekend. I’m glad I didn’t though. Maybe E-1 can keep the lid on it until a week before the scheduled due date? I know that if Def Jam with all their security and secretiveness can’t protect their own releases then E-1 doesn’t stand too much of a chance from the digital pirates on the internets. Even with the downloading of this album I will predict that the project eclipses 150K in it’s first week.

In our current music industry climate 300K is the new platinum so going gold in your first week is nothing to be mad at. The real indicator for the strength of a product has been the third and fourth week sales numbers. Projects can sail on buzz for the first two weeks and then fail quickly afterwards. I hope that the SlaughterHouse collective is up to the task of going hard and long [ll] to promote this album. That is how they will win.

Not with Joe Budden drawing the ire of any more rappers.

And not with misspelled tattoos.


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  1. Mark Dub says:

    Yo…not that I even have to ask, but please make sure that you post when the album’s coming out when you find out.

  2. Polotron says:

    SMH @ the typo…how does that even happen???

    SlaughterHouse (IMO) has offerred consistently, some of the best tracks hip hop has seen in a minute….for FREE to the online community. If cats don’t step up and copp this, they should be ashamed of themselves. Now, even if one doesn’t think they’re ALL THAT (there’s room for debate), I would seriously want to know what gets people’s $ these days, before this….(SMH in advance at those saving the cheese for Blue3).

    Now I’ve come across cats that have yet to download a track from anywhere. I’m curious to hear what they have to say when this drops. Tired of hearing, “who?”. Here, hold this.

    Dallas, I’d warn against the splitting of the team for ($) shows though. No way the paying public doesn’t end up feeling a tad cheated. Certainly an intelligent means to divide and conquer for freebie promos….

    Sorry for flappin’…but SlaughterHouse and done.

  3. I’m holding off judgement out of respect for Dallas’ enthusiasm but except for the track with M.O.P… I’m not super-thrilled yet. We shall see but cds I have bought–

    * Blaq Poet “Blaqprint”– old man album of the year with more layers than Poet will likely be credited for

    * Wu Tang “Chamber Music”– short but mostly fucking bonkers, minute for minute best album of the year

    * U-God “Dopium”– best and worst shit I’ve heard all year but the great parts are REALLY great, set Uey and this dude Scotty Wotty loose and they’ll rhyme their ways into some near-genius zone.

    * General Steele “Welcome to Bucktown”– sleeper album of the year, excellent if not quite HUGE enough production at parts.

    * Torae and Marco Polo “Double Barrel”– Torae needs to grow and never, EVER use the phrase “pro tools” again” but overall, very strong classicist boom-bap.

    * Mos Def “The Ecstatic”– what every clown pimping (fuck) Jay-Z should be listening too, watching Charles Burnett’s “Killer of Sheep” (10 jillion times better than motherfucking “American Gangster”) wouldn’t hurt either.

    * Alchemist whatever the fuck it’s called– dl at least the KRS-One track, “Grand Concourse Benches” but even the lesser verses here aren’t WORSE than what I’ve heard of some of Slaughterhouse filler

    * Mef & Red

    * While traveling, I picked up a $5 used copy of the Stoupe album, hit/miss with the MCs– Saigon is certifiably retarded even by ignorant/sexist rap standards and I have to say, even Joell didn’t kill it, trying waaaaaaaaay too hard to “prove” he’s individual.

    Personally, my instinct is SLAUGTERHOUSE = Clusterfuck with at least 2 1/2 MCs I don’t regularly check for I’m going into it with an otherwise open mind. I don’t mean that as negative as it sounds but my greater point is not to let these other worthy albums get lost in ANY hype, whether SLAUGTERHOUSE or anyone.

  4. Polotron says:

    Thx WSS,WWIB, for taking the time.

    I’ve been so down on the music in general that I’ve not bought much outside of the BCC offerings.

    I did pick up Mos, ’cause he’s always solid.

    I was mostly disappointed w/ Red and Meth. It wasn’t horrible, I just thought it would be more.

    I didn’t even know Poet had something out (thx again). And I’ll check for Alchemist (I just hope they spare me too many forwards). Maybe I go in for the Wu. I just haven’t heard a whole album from them that was heat since……since.

    Slept on Torae and Marco Polo . I’ve heard at least a couple of those and they were decent.

    I have enough space for these and SH too. I just don’t have space for the Weezys, Jeezys, Yeezys….(Jay has enough $ already…and you have to work all day to avoid that anyway).

  5. I forgot Em– the best parts of which are pretty great (Dre is decent on boards, very bad on the mic)– and the Doom, whose more lucid in a creative way than I see him given credit for.

    There’s this fanboy video that gets it tho’–


    Biggest disappointment has to be the Busta, which isn’t THAT bad but as an MC he’s in such excellent form… it’s a shame he pussied out making a front-to-back album.

  6. 1969 says:

    Damn those silent H’s!!!

  7. http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/8940/crookedgettingtatted4.jpg

    the h is beside the g, donĀ“t worry kids and 150 k never if so im happy about that, but you gotta be realstic, joey sold with his padded room album 30k in 1st week, ortiz got ny behind his back and the aftermath history he would sell 20-25k alone if he would drop on album, royce got detroit behind his back and the em history so 30-35 and crooked got the westcoast and the snoop/dre history so maybe 10-15 k. so with good luck they would sell 90-105k together. but the mainthing is that they bring they own fans together and the new customers.

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