Wu-Tang Clan, Again And Again…


If you aren’t into Wu-Tang like that you might wanna come back here after September 8th.

Raekwon – ‘House of Flying Daggers’
(feat. Inspectah Deck, GZA, Ghostface Killah & Method Man)

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5 Responses to “Wu-Tang Clan, Again And Again…”

  1. atifl says:

    this is the best music video out this year.

  2. Timmo says:

    -Goes and watches Afro Samurai again.
    -Goes and watches Afro Samurai Resurrection again.
    Wu Tang love Samurai.

  3. With the Illuminati pushing it’s influence on popular culture(especially HipHop) in this day and age as evidenced by Drake and Hova’s watery ass album leaks…WU is that refreshing voice that is uplifting me from feeling blah and downright depressed about how corny and wack shit is……I also feel a lil down cuz the gig has me grinding like none other and not on flights out of the A as much as I had grown accustomed to………Shit yo! I’m not really moved like that from really anything. This OB4CL2 is like that beacon of lite I need to get me thru til Nov. The Vibes of the record so far are taking me back to that good homecooked meal of flyness WU had us used to. The beat and vibe of “New Wu” are what I expect, but I also come to the realization that we are a ways away from the fly era that had me bumping the purple tape in my whip for 3 summers straight on constant rotation…………We are in an era of where the corny are empowered and have the bullhorn(the majority of blogs and twits) and if you are an actual live dude you gotta stay low. Lately I been feeling like I’m in that movie INVASION(Nicole Kidman jawn)….the kid been going thru it, hoping this 2nd installment can uplift and make it hard for these crabs out here to front like they live…………….I dunno cuz u got a bunch of kids on some metrosexual anti-Timberland Anti WU anti Grilch shit….looking at me funny if I aint got Drizzy on rotation while rocking a low cut cardigan with no shirt on underneath and jeans so tight you can see the exact dollar amount I have in my wallet.

  4. the_dallas says:

    ^ what Spekt said LOL

  5. Lion XL says:

    ^ @M —Every few years I go through that same shit..like there is nothing really worth listenin to, What I do is fall back to my roots and do the reggae thing til some thing good starts playin again.

    and mean REAL reggae, not dancehall (although I listen to that too…). Not only does it give me something better to hear, it also lifts me up inside and cleans out my system of all wack trash I been hearing. Shit I remember when Red Alert played a record by SHANTE’s UNCLE, (shante era was the worst). I must have stopeed listen to hip hop for a whole year

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