The Uncle Ruckus Vidcast…


Why am I just getting up on this dude?

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  1. Mark Dub says:

    Dude, Uncle Ruckus was my roommate 3 years ago. He was the most self-hating summamabitch I’ve ever known. When I saw the character on the series, I could have sworn that Aaron McGruder owes me some monies of some kind.

  2. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    “… getting up on this dude”


  3. Mark Dub says:

    “Obama and Larry Sinclair…had a steamy love affair”! Get the fizuck outta here! LMAO! Dude is speshul…

  4. Van Sertima says:

    This shit is hilarious.

    B, you have to go back and see his shit on Katrina.

  5. KoolMick_Lovin says:

    This dude is so stupid you gotta laugh…dude even sounds like Uncle Ruckus…lol

  6. crisis says:

    i am speechless
    what do u even say about that guy?

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