SLY as a FOXX…

JAMIE and his trophy
JAMIE got the Oscar, although DON CHEADLE prah’lee deserved it more, and nothing made me happier than seeing MORGAN FREEMAN get his just due. The academy always plays catch-up with Black actors like when they gave POITIER his award for ‘Lilies in the Field’ when he should have received it for ‘A Raisin in the Sun’. I can honestly say that MORGAN FREEMAN helped me learn to read shit during his stint on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY. As an accomplished actor/director/producer, MORGAN FREEMAN has always been dignified, even when he plays the role of a grimy villain.

JAMIE FOXX’s academy awards acceptance speech had a sidebar biggup to OPRAH WINFREY. He is one smart brother too because OPRAH is the most powerful woman on this planet second only to Queen Elizabeth. She has almost as much cash as Q.E. too. And have you seen pictures of ol’ girl lately? I’m sorry, but at the awards OPRAH looked better than BeYONCE!

As fine as OPRAH is and with all that paper she has I don’t know why nobody hasn’t stepped to that. Even if she and her girl, GAYLE KING are lesbians you are bound to get at least a RANGE ROVER out of that sweet coochie. The rumor mill has said that her relationship with GAYLE is more about witchcraft and masonry than about sapphic pleasures. OPRAH is rumored to have completed 32 degrees of the legendary Masonic regimen. I am convinced for sure that her episode about Black Men on the D.L. was created to put the blame for HIV/AIDS squarely on the Black community, and not in a military testing labratory as an agent of biological warfare.

Keep an eye on OPRAH and GAYLE KING and remember that the Sith warriors(dark side of the Force – Star Wars, duhhhhh) always travel in pairs.

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