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I thought I should say a few words about the homey Jay Elec over at my side order – iHipHop.com

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  1. 6 100 says:

    Hype Williams videos kill braincells

  2. Slumbilical says:

    Word jay got the triple threat:

    1 – Wifed to erykah badu who be turning niccas into skrate weirdos.
    2 – Rolls with Just Blaze who is a skrate weirdo.
    3 – Overhyped.

    Album gon’ floppage like Canibus but it’s ok, it will be a learning experience for him. I fux with his music but his shine ain’t right.

  3. Tony Grands says:

    As long as he, himself, doesn’t buy into his own hype, he might could be able to sustain his buzz & provide quality music.

    I think that’s a contributing factor to why Drake never Asher Roth’d.

    Keep start smelling themselves because everbody praises their aroma, & forget why they have a scent to begin with. If you will.

    A lot of hype to live up to, I agree. But some folks work better under pressure, so…

  4. Tony Grands says:

    *^CATS start smelling…

  5. 40 says:

    I guess niggas are happy with Gucci Mane. Get off this bullshit or thats all we’ll have.

  6. I was gonna say I’m agnostic but I respect 40’s respect of Jay Elec so… I am, howev, still torn. Loved “Queens Get The Money” production, am baffled why the fuck dude doesn’t release at least SOME songs. As mystery and mature reaction to the endless mixtape fuckery of too many names and lames alike I approve but… a little HIGHER public work rate wouldn’t be amiss either.

    I mean, let’s talk really real (as dudes usually about to lie say): aside from being Mr. Badu, how the hell would Jay E. be making a living these few years?

    Fuck Gucci Mane (I think we can admit silence, jazz or classical music, are much better antidotes to hip-hop boredom) AND fuck Saigon (the last Just Blaze hype who fell to his own true level = low) but what the hell?

    If Jay Elec can deliver… it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  7. BIGNAT says:

    jay worth the hype it’s all based on music not outside bullshit.

  8. RTHSTN says:

    As long as Jay Elec stays focused and doesn’t give into the the machine that is the music industry, he will be a solid MC for years. He has a message and is not talking about BS like most artists. I believe in his skill and his passion. I think people are tired of the same old minstrel show that is on the radio and MTV/BET. Hype or not he is the truth.

  9. getthesenets says:

    (east coast 90s era)hip hop is looking for a saviour like white folks were scrambling fora great white hoe after jack johnson took the heavy weight title…………

    unless that dude delivers illmatic 2010, it will be seen as a disappointment on some level…

  10. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    I hate how certain “new rappers” like this dude J Electronica that have not even made 1 studio album, much less 1 good studio album, get hyped on the blogs or other media. I feel that if an artist does not have the time & talent to put together 1 dope studio album, I don’t have the 2 seconds of time to give a flying f about their random “nahright singles” or whatever

    Meanwhile there’s many dope artists who have put out multiple dope studio albums “that get no love like foster kids”, with a few exceptions like bloggerhouse.net.

    In 2009 alone CunninLynguists, Funky DL, Magnificent Ruffians each dropped at least 2 dope albums. Fashawn dropped a classic with dope soulful exile beats, & surprisingly insightful lyrics for a 20 year old. These artists >>>>>>>>>>> a Jaywalker Technotronic or whomever the fock

  11. Victor says:

    But dude thats exactly the problem. He hasnt released a studio album yet but his approach to being in a position to release one HAS been refreshing. As a hip hop fan (bumping Fash’s classic as i type) it has been tough attempting to digest the sheer volume of music being dropped. Ive been on to jay elec for over 2 years so this “hype” doesnt come as a surprise.

    If good work is put in, usually its eventually appreciated. There is no need to attribute dudes relative success as a reason why people are sleeping on last years dopeness, personally i’m trying to put people on to everyone from Tiron to Pac Div and Fashawn to Tanya Morgan. If for once the internets puts its money where its mouth is Jay Elec could be a messiah of sorts in that he shifts the internets attitude to laying down monies (though Rae arguably did that last year).

  12. Curt McGirt says:

    It’s definitely hype but to say that Jay isnt dope is just not true. If the intanehts were a corporation it would be Chevron for how they gas niggas up. I think he can drop a great album but when people start talking that classic shit, It’s a word that gets thrown around too often.

    Of course the hype surrounding Jay Elec will conjure a deal with a major label especially with the Just Blaze co sign (Saigon anyone?) but really people, think logically. Do you really think Jay Electronica can make a debut album that:

    1) Commercially viable records for the radio,MTV,etc. I dont think bitches will make it clap to exhibit C folks.

    2) Will balance the radio joint with the hard body bangers he’s known for?

    3) Wont confuse or betray his core audience?


    Be honest. If the record doesn’t sale, classic or not niggas will shit on him. If he defies all odds and gets successful, niggas will shit on him, and in classic intaneht style if he doesnt drop an album in the next 48 hours, niggaz will shit on him.

  13. 40 says:

    Sales… Studio albums… Ringtones… Videos…

    What ever happened to just music? The simplicity of the aural experience? The mastery of a craft that you can sit in a room bound blindfolded and gagged and appreciate just using your ears to appreciate what you have presented for you? Maybe people have just forgotten how these things used to develop before artists became this pre-packaged value meal, with all the fixings of superproducers, sick rides, and jewels all before song numero uno?

    The current model of album oriented sales IS DEAD. Lets be clear, and for people (artists) just to get a check sign their creative lives over for a “360 Deal” which I’m sure puts every aspect of your life under the label’s control including your manhood. Why does Jay Elec need the standard rote of “studio album” and a barrage of YouTube & MBETV appearances to “appear legit” and be taken seriously? Jay Elec’s approach to the his reminds me of Rakim & Nas. I was too young to see Rakim when he dropped, didn’t know what he looked like until the “Paid In Full” album dropped, which when it did I could care less about the superfluous shit because 8/10 cuts were bangers. Remember the elusive Nasir Jones when he first dropped? “Live At The BBQ” here… “Back to the Grill” there… We still waited for ever after “Halftime” for “Illmatic” to drop. I see Jay Elec doing the same thing. Strategically building his long term legacy, and I’m enjoying the slow development and release of his material.

    People have been innundated by the “Curtis Jackson Model” where you flood the block with cheap tester bags (Mixtapes) and you make the world take notice by overwhelming the world with so much material you gotta pay attention. The problem with that is you’ve devalued your own product with such a glut of mediocrity. Its Drake giving away basically his first album, and waiting on the eleventeenth of Neverary to drop an album, its Kid Cudi, giving away his album for $1.99 on Amazon, its “I’ve heard 50 fucking songs by you before your album comes out so maybe I’ll down load it but I’m not pressed”. Artists have zero’ed out their own product before it even knows its true value. So if music is so damn free now, whats the smarter move? Giving away one or two and keep ’em waiting or shoot your whole load hoping for tomorrow? I”ll let you tell it, as Jiggerman sublimmed to Two Pack Shaker.

    Jay Elec is playing this shit perfectly, he’s not overblogging his life, he’s not on YouTube showing his ass to stay relevant “Are you there God? Its me Joe Buddens.” Its not artificial beef, to keep his name in “The Streets”. In fact other than knowing he’s had a kid with Badu, other than his music – WHAT THE FUCK DO WE REALLY KNOW ABOUT HIM? I tell you, in the “Days of Our Lives” of this rap shit, thats pretty fuckin’ refreshing. I mean this is a music that gives media platforms to Max B who never really had a career and is doing a double nickel. (Sorry Max. You lost.)

    The other “problem” this dude has to endure is he’s god damn intelligent, which brings ALL the armchair bloggerbacks out of the woodwork do dissect everyone of his words. This creates alot more blog fodder vis-a-vis the average mushmouth slave rap which can be dismissed with a simple “He’s wack, he ain’t saying shit.” Plus you can’t dismiss dude as some “East Coast Savior”, he clams New Orleans, and his life experiences of Detroit, Baltimore, Philly, NYC, contributes to the universality of his presence. NYC don’t need saving, Harlem ain’t even black no mo’. I just need good everyman sustainable hip-hop in a world of vapid Red Bull rap.

    Finally in my defense of Jay Elec (and my affliated Stannery) takes me back to the last two performances I saw of dude live in the physical. It wasn’t just us average Joe’s that were impressed, its his impact on hardened cynical musical vets on this guy’s potential greatness. Its like people flooding St. Vincent/St. Mary’s HS to see LeBron play. I saw Dame Dash & Paul Rosenburg the people behind the last two dominant rappers of the last two decades admit their fandom and watch in awe. I was at the Knitting Factory last week where 500 years of collective hip-hop were on stage with dude and they hung on his every word. (Much to the chagrin of KRS who came on next and was – “Jordan on the Wizards, missing a wide open dunk in the All-Star Game, shell of his former self” funny, and boring.) Dude is just that cat,

    Hype only kills when they don’t merit it or cant live up to it. Hype can also shock the stagnant masses to wake the fuck up and see that something is on the horizon we can all appreciate for the better.

    Aight I’m done. So far I’m enjoying 2010 musically, Jay Elec, Reflection Eternal, that Ghost Rae & Meth joint, and of course Sean PEE!

    (This should have been a drop)

  14. Kominy says:

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