My Hard Drive Weighs A Ton…


Jay Electronica – ‘My Uzi Weighs A Ton’

^ I fux with this track.

heatrox 95s
heatrox 95s

Further proof that great minds think alike…

Sean Price told me to peep his latest video titled ‘Heat Rock’ which is a collabo with rapper RedLightBoogie from Amsterdam. Somebody pass the Dutch. Hail Meg.

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’Ye-Alikes: A History of Kanye & Amber’s Coordinated Outfits
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Who’s coming out 2morrow nite (Monday 02.01.10)?

onsmash invasion

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See you in the building.

12 Responses to “My Hard Drive Weighs A Ton…”

  1. StookieBrother1 says:


  2. Smear says:

    knock it down dP!

  3. Them kix are lava. Both pairs. Sean P is killing the game right now.

    Don’t 4get the footage dP!

  4. DirtyJerz says:

    The Heat Rox are the most official custom pack i’ve seen from you Dallas! Splash both pairs to the ON-Smash joint and do wardrobe changes, like Oscars!

    Kanye wins with Amber Rose! For his lane, he’s supposed to find the freakiest, android lookin’ broad he can find, and damn if he didn’t do just that. And you KNOW his weirdo ass is stylist for both of them!

    Jerz. Out.

  5. 6 100 says:

    I’d show up , but most of my “Go-out wear” consisits of black dusty Tims that look dark grey w/ a torn lace, a set of jeans w/ various bleach stains and the back of both pant legs torn at the back of the foot, and white tees of varyious shades of sweaty yellow over a long sleeve beige themal shirt.

    Needless to say your boy dont do fashion

    Not neccesarily a good look. I been told that I look like a con-tractor, or a con-vict.

  6. Slumbilical says:


    fire. i call these Butta Scotch & Black (think like a hood whiskey joint for grown and sexy black folk that gets taken over by G’s wearing cinicinatti reds caps)


    no name for these. untitled. just plain shittin on you with every step. “hello, i’m phillip – do you feel disrespected by my sneakers? i didn’t mean to do that. oh yes i did.”


    still the best way to shit on someone is to shit on them with subtlety. yes you can have your goons hold a nicca down while you cock over [ll] and shit on his grill but isn’t it better to hand them a giftwrapped package of poop that makes them think they’re getting a generous gift. i thought so. anyway, these are killing it with the internal croc. like, if he’s rocking these jawns, you have to squint to see the croc on the inside and then this nicca will just grin at you like “oh, you saw the croc sock liner, huh? you like that shit, huh? how my ass taste?” no shaq.

  7. RTHSTN says:

    I like those Nike iD’s…the only way to go is Bespoke or iD. That Uzi track is one of my favs on the What the Fuk mixtape. Sean P always bringing heat. I dig the RedLightBoogie with P. Back and forth sounds dope. Since we are talking about kicks check these Bespoke’s

  8. Slumbilical says:



    “me and slick pulla
    beat rothstein
    aka we tote them things”

    (c) jeezy

  9. Slumbilical says:

    lol rich jewish kids new yorkers ftw

    nike air bespoke levin

    nike air bespoke lavin

    nike air bespoke sternberg

    nike air bespoke rosenstein

    nike air bespoke dru ha, no ha, dro ha, lo ha, hi lo, lo fi, bee low, and GOLDBERG

    nike air grunblatt (no alan) (no “hiya alan” (c) fifty)

  10. Slumbilical says:

    HOW MUCH DID LLOYD BANK SELL (c) killer! ((c) white people)

  11. fosterakahunter says:

    I dig the ol’ skool back ‘n forth these cats are showcasing. American rap is fuxing Amsterdam up.

  12. fats says:

    do your thing thing tomorrow night d! plenny a pix my man!

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