Just so that I’m clear on this…

These animals are called KILLER whales right?

Tragic as it may seem I will have to file this under “This is a white thing, you wouldn’t understand“.

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  1. Soundwave says:

    Whale’s=1 Humans=0

  2. Big says:

    So true DP. What I don’t get is why anyone would want to go? The whole joint smells like ass.

    And I wouldn’t necessarily say Whales=1, Humans=0. I hear Japan gets it in.

  3. VEe! says:

    People will continue to eat sandwiches in front of bear cages, test the skill of crocodiles, house lions or tigers in housing project apartments and kiss their dogs on the lips.

    Sooner or later a sea lion will bust somebody ass.

  4. Amadeo says:

    I was watching a documentary a while back about killer whales just fucking up sharks “because”. Anything that randomly serves up a shark get’s plenty of space from me.

  5. DirtyJerz says:

    Word Is Bawn! I cramz to understand that, B! I don’t sleep on NO animal! Even my mini poodle, Cocoa Puff. I know from the gate that lil nigra has wolf ancestry, and I handle him accordingly. You can’t leave him in a box everyday-all day for the rest of his life and expect for everything to be all good when you finally open it.

    and didn’t that whale take down another person before?

  6. getthesenets says:

    “The white man has more nerve than a F-in toothache”- Paul Mooney

    on his “RACE” album he has a whoel routine about the willingness of “certain” groups to do foolhardy shit…

  7. I don’t even like cats. God forbid I find some logical excuse to cuddle with the same animal that ate Noah. The same way I can trust a Black man without a mustache, I can’t trust an animal if I can’t see his eyes. & he weighs more than my car.

    If a dog tastes blood, they kill him. I don’t see the debate. If it was a pit bull, dude would’ve been worm food before the police filed the report.

    No shots, but White lives mad dangerously. I can’t wait until they start bungee jumping with mountain lions.

  8. getthesenets says:

    he he he

    you know TG….I refuse to trust a black man without a mustache…

    denzel and obama are the only ones who can pull it off without looking like dickheads…


    yeah..and all animals no matter hoe domesticated as still animals…

    that’s why even lifelong pets that you’ve raised since pup just break out and escape ….it’s in their dna

  9. the_dallas says:

    I spent an hour on Google images lastnite try’na find an image of white mouf kissing a killer whale. I know that shit is out there.

  10. DirtyJerz says:

    Word is Bawn, Get! With all that expensive ass, Petco, top-notch, gluten free dog food I feed my dog, I know that one day he’ll probably think I’m a big black rabbit in a Yankees cap and bite my face off!

    And that Petco & Petsmart is some fuckery that would boggle the non pet owner’s mind. I always find it amazing that strangers there will run up on my dog and give him tongue action.

  11. DP-
    Cross-Google “Kttv 11 Good Day LA” with whale kiss. Bless the dead, but this morn they showed the trainer to be what looked like sucking on a whale’s tongue.

  12. Let’s not forget that lady, who got drunk with her monkey, gave him anti-depressants, shared her marital bed with him, only for him to “go crazy” & bite half her friends face off. With a couple of fingers gnawd off for good measure.

    Michael Jackson didn’t even take his animal-loving that far…

  13. Matter of fact, if animals could communicate on a somewhat comprehensible level, shit would be different. Really though. Let a nigga know you don’t like me riding on your back or throwing your dinner in the water. That’ll cut down on 85% of the bullshit.

  14. $yk! says:

    I have 2 cats and I lock the bedroom door at night. My homie down the road just got rid of his. His wife used to always yell and shoo his former cat and it started rolling up at night while they were asleep and scratch the flesh off of her forehead…real type…

  15. RTHSTN says:

    This whale killed before,

    I am not messing with anything that is 1200 lbs. Forget that i’m good out & near the water!

  16. DirtyJerz says:

    TG and $yk, yall aint neva lied!

    The realest sh*t eva written!

  17. VEe! says:

    Dirty Jerz . . . that’s crazy!

  18. DirtyJerz says:

    VEe, the drive-thru safari, the zoo, the circus, people with pet chimps….i’m officially OFF that, B!

  19. Jerz,

    I saw some pics of the lady’s hands & face…looked like she massage & kissed the business end of a 12 gage while it went off.

    I don’t know if it was national news, but a couple had a boa constrictor out here in southern cal, like the valley or something. A few months back, It got out & strangled their infant daughter.

    *clears throat* Fuck animals.

  20. $yk! says:


    That was ridiculi fam! For all that drama and doctor bills they should’ve adopted…

    crack baby>>>>chimpanzee

  21. rthstn says:

    Those chimps are no joke! I saw that lady on 60 mins or some show and her face looked like melted wax.

  22. I won’t even take my kids to a petting zoo. A baby goat will fuck your shit up.

  23. BIGNAT says:

    i wanna know why the killer whale is still living. when them stupid kids went into the tiger cage and the tiger killed them. they killed the tiger so why is the whale performing the next day like shit is cool?
    i feel you guys about cats they are fucking evil. the get near your nose while you are sleeping what kind of shit is that. the dog is a man’s best friend. they stay at the foot of the bed or lay on your feet like a good protector of the house. or you could leave them outside in the yard in they own house. oh yeah if your dog is under 15 pounds it’s not a dog stop walking that little shit around the block homie. get your pride back let your bitch walk her own dog. unless you a fruit then you and your dog got matching outfits and i got no beef with you.

  24. getthesenets says:


    my neighbor had an accident a few years back……she had a straight fruity groomed cocker spaniel…

    i walked the dog for her occasionally………dudes laughed(who cares?) and I NEVER had so many women approach me wanting to strike up conversation…and pet the dog

    real spit

  25. DirtyJerz says:

    Whoa….NAT, easy star. Weighing in @ 15 lbs, my dog just makes your cut. LOL Never judge a dude by his dog’s weight.

    Big dog = Big Sh*t

    and personally, I can’t have no dog dropping dueces bigger and more aromatically pungent than mine.

    I can’t tell you how many dudes be claiming hard rock, but their dog is dragging them down the street…and any dog owner knows that your dog walking in front of you is a sign of owner weakness.

  26. $yk! says:

    LOL @ Nat

    Yo get I used to house sit for my homie in NY on York & 74th. They had this French poodle that would attract many of chicks. Can’t tell you how many times they came home and I had a breezie up in the rest. But I would ALWAYS lock that dog up in it’s own room (go figure)…

  27. BigNat throwdown! I’ve dogsit some ** MALTESE ** and together those two barely weight fifteen but 1) they’re tough animals and 2) women love ’em so I have to disagree. (That the women were all in their 60s and 70s is immaterial: this was Florida, after all). I forget the exact quote but I heard something persuasive like small (or toy) dogs don’t THINK they’re small…

    Also, I must stand up for the feline kingdom– even the SUPERIORITY of ’em. It really boils down to whether you want a servile companion (woof) or–

    a stone cold blood lust killer who will sometimes hang with you, sometimes be independent.

    I once cat sit for a friend who’s animal was difficult w/strangers and sometimes had hissing freakouts– almost like a seizure– but my own two tomcats were great, esp. when they’d wrestle and the fur would literally fly.

    Also, any city dudes who have goddamn mice problems and don’t have a cat or cats SHOULD.

  28. the_dallas says:

    You missed the Gil Scott Heron listening session 2nite at the Museum of American Folk Art. That is one groovy spot right alongside MoMA. The Tim Burton exhibit is still on and popping too at MoMA. That place is a zoo.

    Peace to Dirty Jerz for shooting me a gang of pix of whale-kissing white LOL

  29. BIGNAT says:

    @get you didn’t own it no problem you helping out a friend. true the small dogs attract women but mid to big dogs can attract them to. only certain breeds though like the corgi a newer breed chicks love those dogs. corgis are mean though and very protective i like them. if you want to get the ladies to run to you with your man sized dog the huskie with different color eyes. shiiit you might as well write you cell number on the dogs colllar. beagles are a good breed to but they like to bark alot. another good thing about the huskies. they don’t bark at all but you can make them howl and i suggest you don’t do that.

    @DirtyJerz you right about the dogs not respecting the owners i only had one like that. it was a german shepard not my fault though got it after it was a year old. i still was able to teach her basic stuff but i couldn’t even leave it off the leash like my other dogs. i had to give her away i need my dog to listen to me.

    @$yk! hahahaha poodles are actually cool looking dogs without the grooming cuts people give them. you didn’t have to do that did you?

    @Willis Still Sunsweet, WWIB my mom had a chichiuana before tham dog almost got me killed one winter. we going back to 89 a young bignat had to walk the little rat but since it was cold i had to hold it inside my jacket. well after the rat did it’s business. i took a rest on the bench my boy came over with his pitt. i am talking to him and his dog comes sniffing at my jacket. he is asking if i got food in my jacket i tell him it’s my mom dog. the little rat darts out bites his pitt on the nose and goes back into my jacket. now i have a pitt inches away from my face in rage mode trying to bite everything in my direction. the little rat is fighting to get out to fight it and my friend is trying to hold his dog back. it ends with me having to run to my building while my friend is being slowly dragged behind me by his pitt.

  30. @WWIB

    Word. My wife had a cat, who acted like a dog-go figure, but one day it came inside through the sidelight, & she looked down & it had a mouse in it’s mouth.

    Triumphantly, it dropped the mouse & stood there, like “what?!?!”

    My wife ran. So did the fucking mouse.

    Punk ass cat. It must not’ve watched enough tv or something.

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