DP In Tha’ Streets…


The streets are watching the internets.

A day in the streets with DP featuring Tanya Morgan (is a rap group), an internets from Staten Island who places no Shaolin rappers in his top 5, and the demolition of a Brooklyn rap landmark.

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  1. waitaminute..did he really just name NECRO in his top five? He just made me scared to go to Staten Island.

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    Re: The photo accompanying this entry; I’ve actually seen this recently, where the wind will do an upskirt, and the chick will be completely unaware of her skivvies on display. Amazing, and sometimes pleasant to see.
    Dallas, you need to get up on these Jordan retro 2s releasing on Saturday. Premium brown leather, with a faux wax Bin23 seal on the upper, and cedar shoe trees. Hotness.

  3. Angela says:

    I think whoever designed the DC Metro stations had that pic in mind. I got upskirted by the wind like 5 times on the escalators that take you up to the street at various stops.

    But that’s why you gotta wear boy shorts on windy days…provides the most coverage, but doesn’t look granny-ish, should the wind try to put your drawl situation on blast. TMI? Maybe, but whatever. šŸ˜‰

  4. Angela, thanks for the insight– I was watching a gal get ready for work and she put on gym shorts under her dress recently and I’m like… whuh?

    Staten kid’s list is funny and sincere. Who’d ever put Jada #1? And cop to Nas AND Necro AND Immortal Technique.

    Ambassador, Necro’s content doesn’t slay me but the dude’s some kinda phenom, proud BK product and all of Wu Tang would do well to pick up more of his beats like Rae did for OB4CL2.

    I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that Sean P was going make an album with Necro’s brother Ill Bill– I wonder if that’s still anyone’s desire?

    DP– do you remember Myrtle & Willoughby before the fucking Metrotech crap went up or is that before your time?

    I still miss Beat Street btw; they had a bargain rack there that all kindsa bizarre (for a hip-hop/reggae/r&b oriented store) stuff that must have ‘fell off a truck’ (and I could ebay for nice profit).

  5. $yk says:

    @ the ambassador

    Word! Jada, Immortal AND Necro? OK.

    dP in tha streets! Where’s the Tanya Morgan music homes?

    Damn Albee Sq is finito, so many memories there…


    ^ these match the fitted…

  6. “I was watching a gal get ready for work and she put on gym shorts under her dress…”

    ^^Peeping Tom, is that you?!

  7. Is that a bear on her panties or does she have the most talented butt crack sweat in the galaxy?

  8. $yk says:

    DPā€“ do you remember Myrtle & Willoughby before the fucking Metrotech crap went up or is that before your time?

    ^ my grandmother used to always go to that check cashing on Willoughby, she worked @ Brooklyn Hospital. And the B54 stop. Wasn’t that the Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust building first?

  9. the_dallas says:

    I’ve been living in the area ever since high school. True story is that I love to watch ladies on Fulton Street even more than Jamaica Ave or Nassau Street. MetroTech was the first development on that 9-11 shit even before Sept. 11th.

    I stayed paying my phone bills on Willoughby at the phone company after I was disconnected. Willoughby also had the OG dollar pizza spot. I think it was Israelis making the slices and I accept that due to their inherent swarthiness.

    The Fulton Mall is undergoing a facelift now too, but as long as the HRA offices are on Duffield St. downtown Brooklyn will be my heart.

  10. getthesenets says:

    I think i would dig necro if I did drugs

    that’s a genuinely certifiably crazy white dude..

    beastie boyz meet kool keith

  11. getthesenets says:


    you butchered the chorus…

    tj swan wouldn’t approve…

  12. Tony– I wish! Live on the ground floor now, was just signaling ambiguous nature of the relationship.

    DP– my bad on chronology, I totally spaced on the diff parts of Metro Tech crap, a fucking horror of design. No wonder the Atlantic Center mall is so fucking “nice.”

    I still dig Fulton too, not to mention it annoys the hell out of yuppies, tho’ it could really use some nightlife, as it had at least through the 1950s. Fulton used to go all the way down the river btw– the goddamn horror of “Cadman Plaza East” is the old Fulton. Also used to be tons of gambling spots around there too, both for regular folks and all the gov’t workers.

  13. Willis-

    You know it’s all good, mayne. Just gotta good laugh from your unintentionally joke.

    I’m a recovering peeper, actually. I won’t get into stories, but from 19-23, I’ve seen some things through some windows, lolz.

  14. 1969 says:

    Bye Bye Albee Square…..memories of cutting class and hanging there gone forever. DP, do you remember that Biz Markie used to be in that joint all the damn time posted up near the entrance looking like somebody’s drunk uncle? LMAO!!!

  15. getthesenets says:


    this clip has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING…..but if it’s not the funniest shit you’ve seen this week….my name isn’t orville redenbacher


  16. TG– what I was into in the ’80s and early ’90s were the Times Sq Peep Shows; did they have anything like that on the West Coast? As long as you could the ammonia smell from the swab jockeys, it was a cheap, clean-ish thrill AND …

    There really were hot chicks there, of all kinds, from punk/boho, Spanish, Asian, etc… For a while, some were STUNNING: this one joint, Peepland, must have had direct line to Czechoslavakia or wherever. Show World at 8th & 42nd hung on the longest but there must have been more than a dozen or two peep joints at Deuece’s peak. (Watch out for downstairs trannies at Show World tho’!)

    On the other hand, it wasn’t all heat: some junkies (not so much crackheads, I don’t think, they’re too hagged), some just bleh but this was before there was “thick” too; now they’d be stars, hah.

    All I know about L.A. peeping is what James Ellroy writes about; even check him out? “L.A. Confidential” best known (I never saw the movie) but I like his last three novels best, historical fiction covering assassination of JFK, MLK, RFK, the CIA and Vietnam heroin racket, COINTELPRO etc.

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