Bust Down To The White Meat…


Editor’s Note: We got the Youtube video right this time…

You see these kinds of injuries in college towns. Only a kid at university could figure out a way to fux himself up this bad. Sadly, or maybe not, I didn’t see anyone get their shit fucked the fuck up this badly, but I promise you if I lived in D.C. I would see this shit on the regulack.

Meka from the Dopehouse, Shabooty, Frank(FWMJ) from rappersIknow, and the enlightening and enigmatic Dart Adams all hit up U Street with DP.com for a TWitter takeover. Before the night was done The Ambassador had me in Virginia at an all night Korean BBQ joint. The internets do not sleep. EVAR!

10 Responses to “Bust Down To The White Meat…”

  1. That picture is awesome.

  2. Ambassador says:

    Yo where’s that footage at? The station 9 shenanigans are something I’ve been dying to watch over again. I think I’m a little homesick for some DMV fuckery

  3. BIGNAT says:

    that is the kind of injury you will have to be talking about your whole life.

  4. BIGNAT says:

    heh marsh stop with the spamming

  5. P-Matik says:

    JJ’s Cheesesteaks on U & 13th?

  6. the ambassador says:

    AW SHIT iphone fail the video wouldn’t come up when I checked it from the 3g today. now if only I could get it to play without stopping to load every 2 secs haha

  7. the ambassador says:

    nevermind. still can’t watch it. I think the file is messed up

  8. the_dallas says:

    The video is fucked the fuck up. I gotta reload that joint when I get back to the lab. I do have the U Street fuckery in the video.

  9. the ambassador says:

    can’t wait to see lol

    Yo DP I still got the iPod! And a job in BK, so I might be here longer (way longer, perhaps permanently) than planned. just let me know!

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