Break Up The Cavs!


Some of your favorite NBA teams are gonna look a lot different next season. I don’t think the Mavs, Nuggets or Spurs will be kept together. The same goes for the Celts and every team in the Eastern Conference for that matter except the Magic.

I don’t think the Cavs are exempt from an overhaul either even if LeBron stays in Cleveland. Parity has been a good thing for the NFL, but that is because their season is only 16 games. You don’t invest too much interest in players in as much as you do ‘programs’.

Free agency and parity doesn’t help sports like baseball or basketball. It sucks to get all wrapped up into a player being associated with a team and developing with a core group of players only to see that player wearing a strange jersey in the following year. But what do I know? I wanted the Thunder to topple the champs.


Str8 from DP FaceBook files: Who rocked the slope fade best?

Philly rapper E.S.T., James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes (War Machine from Iron Man), or your favorite weblogger D 2 tha’ Peezy?


16 Responses to “Break Up The Cavs!”

  1. fredMS says:

    my vote gotta go to EST. that shit got a 45 degree angle.

  2. 1969 says:

    EST for the win

  3. Twillness says:

    Rhodes is too smooth to lose this competition.

    And I agree about the Thunder. Them actually winning would’ve made the playoffs so much more interesting. Durant is going to run the west very soon, though.

  4. Soundwave says:

    Your cut by far, but if you find some of that vintage of my cut…you’re beat! Play fair cousin. I know you have those flicks in the vault.

  5. RTHSTN says:

    Cavs are done, LeBron should go to a major market team. Clippers, Thunder, Knicks & Bulls have the money to pay him. Doubt he will go to NY but $ may sway him to the east coast. He would be better off in LA than NY (as talent goes) I doubt he will go to CHI, but we have a better shot at D. Wade.

    EST is only missing the side part. Dude is on point with the Rhodey cut.

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    Word! TG….Bobby Brown is the OFFICIAL King of R&B…DP might-coulda won had you not mention him!
    Le Bronski will be on the first train payin’ a gazzilli outta raggelly ass Cleveland!…This dude does magnificent numbers on the court, Nike endorsements, commercials….and it’s not a person in arkansas that can tell me who he is. I’m sure he notices that.

  7. Are we positive that the likeness of James Rhodes isn’t a caricature of E.S.T.? I’m willing to bet some funky dividends that the artist drew that after some Hilltop Hustlaz concert, before Cool C & Steady B became bank robbers.

    The glamorous life will get you every time.

  8. $yk says:

    EST with the hypotenuse coif.

    Funny thing is last nite at the bar I was saying two things. Atlanta plays horrible playoff basketball, and I truly think Lebron should be a hired gun. The $ he’ll command begats a sh*tty supporting cast if you’re trying to build around him. But he can raise the spirits if he’s hired for a season.

    The Clippers could use him.

    The Bobcats (NIKE would LOVE this)
    Mark Cuban would pay that fee
    I know the Disney Magic would pay
    The Blazers Paul Allen would pay
    The Thunder would pull off a major coup

    He could see Bill Russell jewelry if he followed the $ykotic plan.

  9. $yk says:

    “Atlanta plays horrible playoff basketball”

    End of 3rd quarter ORL 85 ATL 44

    am I wrong?

  10. john says:

    slope fade?

    the dancer from MC Hammer’s 2 legit to quit video
    eddie winslow on family matters

    but of the three i’d have to roll with rhodey. his with the white turtleneck= boss

  11. We called that shit a ‘Gumby’ in California. Shit, still do.

  12. BIGNAT says:

    wait grands the gumby and slope fade is to different things. dp the girl kissing your cheek got hair on her lip no sexy.

  13. the_dallas says:

    Blame it on the age of the pic that you are seeing what you see but shorty Diane def had no hair on her lip. I need to find her on Facebook just to see if that body still do karate

  14. Nat-

    Different regions often have different names for the same thing. Like the first time I heard someone outside of Cali say “poo putt” I thought that was funny as fuck. Out here, where the phrase originated-I think, it’s “poot butt.”

    I don’t see why a “slope fade” wouldn’t be a “gumby” is what I’m saying. It’s the same hairstyle.

  15. BIGNAT says:

    BODY KARATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEA

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