The Real Michael Jordan of the Rap Recordings…

mj 45

*MJ rocking the 45 for his comeback, kanYe West has a basement full of 45’s that he takes samples from*

kanYe West is the real Michael Jordan of the rap recordings. People like to give Jay-Z that acknowledgment since he was the first person to say that in rhyme verse but just because you rap about it doesn’t necessarily mean its true.
*cue Rick Ross*

Just like Michael Jordan, kanYe West has been through trials and tribulations to find himself in the pop culture position he now claims. No all time great player was berated as much as Michael Jordan was for his lack of long range jump shot, non-existent defense skills or his non-desire for team play. Jordan rose up above his detractors by showing he had all of those talents.

mj kanye

kanYe’s ‘College Dropout’ was like Jordan’s first title win over the Lakers. The Bulls had to overcome their nemesis, the Pistons before they could defeat the aging Lakers in what was Michael Jordan’s official coronation. This victory was the first of three straight championship titles for the Chicago player. I’m talking about ‘The College Dropout’, ‘Late Registration’ and ‘Graduation’.

But then tragedy struck a star-crossed career. The person who was the closest and most confided in was taken from the emerging superstar. At that moment they had to question everything they had achieved in the game. So they switched their pitch up, literally. KanYe West dropped the widely panned yet slept on classic ‘808s’ while Michael Jordan took a swing at playing major league baseball.

mj kanye

The critics of MJ said he couldn’t hit the off speed pitches well enough while kanYe took a knock for not hitting the right notes. In both cases these efforts were personal tributes to the people in their lives they loved the most (James Jordan, Donda West) as well as purges of their old selves whether the public realized this or not. The comebacks that these ballers made from their darkest days have been nothing less than mindboggling. kanYe is back to dominating rap records from the producer’s standpoint while often supplying verses that merc’k other artists on they own shit.

Nike produced sneakers for both MJ and kanYe that reached astronomical levels of hype. The Yeezy even incorporated elements of early Air Jordans. MJ was an icon of achievement for any kid who grew up in Chicago during the late 80s and 90s. kanYe West has gone deeper into pop culture than even Michael Jordan could have hoped to. The most glaring difference I can note is that Michael Jordan would never represent anyone other than himself in the public eye like KanYe has done during the Katrina telethon or the 2009 VMAs.

But to further cement my claim that ‘Ye Tudda is the real Michael Jordan of the rap recordings I submit this picture.

Michael Jordan hangs out with Charles Oakley and his technicolor pimpsuits while KanYe West has his crew of fishsticks


19 Responses to “The Real Michael Jordan of the Rap Recordings…”

  1. Ha. Something about this just feels right [ll].

    I just hope, when it’s all said & done, Ye has a more graceful fall than MJ. Who am I kidding; he’ll never divorced. Gay marriage hasn’t been legalized yet.

  2. Angela says:

    New! Chea!

    Also, both Kanye and MJ have an affinity for pr0n stars.

  3. hl says:

    I refuse to believe that last picture is real.

  4. Mark Dub says:

    Glad to have you back, DP. I missed your presence on the internets. And as much if the ghey that sounds, it is quite sincere. Welcome back, home-skillet.

  5. the_dallas says:

    Internets, it feels good to get it back up. [No Boutros where applicable]

  6. Nina says:

    Luckily Kanye and “his entourage have entered a new, more sophisticated, refined, and minimal era ” so no more pics like that last one will take place in the future.

    The Rosewood Movement –

    Kanye’s one of the few hip hop artists that still leave you looking forward to his next album. Unlike other albums his never sound just like the last.

  7. atifl says:

    DP is back!!! chea!!

  8. izno85 says:

    Glad you’re back.
    I fucks with the green jacket on that last picture. (ll)

  9. 45% says:

    BOUT TIME!!! glad youre back though!

    only problem with this article is
    “non-existent defense skills” —- jordan was on like 5 all nba defensive teams.

  10. Idle Ray says:

    Erm… except that MJ was one of the most skilled, if not THE most skilled players ever

    Kanye is a sloppy, mush-mouthed Mother-Goose-rhyme spitting amateur of an MC, and he’s a mediocre producer whose managed to come up with a handful of dope beats and a lot of meh beats

  11. after watching the 30 for 30 special, i think its also good to note that both should be recognized for taking on a completely diff genre/sport despite the naysayers and did so to self-heal versus mock the new arena they stepped in, as many have claimed.

    on a diff note, welcome back & i’ll contribute (financially) soon.

  12. the_dallas says:

    Franchise what up?!

    You already contribute to this page’s operational needs. There’s about 4 or 5 lurkers tho’ who never leave comments or encouragement ( not that I want a electronic handjob[ll] ) who I wish would come up off them bucks out of respect.

  13. kayos says:

    Glad 2 have u back on these here internets!!!!!

  14. dmitry aka brooklyn jew says:

    pause on da dude with the leopard skin pants,lol

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