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I didn’t create Sneaker Fiends Unite! just to be coy about my love for kicks. I am a bonafide addict. I consume kicks like a crackhead fiends for jumbos. I love to smell the insides of my shoes right after purchasing them. I have to make sure that my boxes are undamaged. I love to spend less than $40 for a pair of heatrocks. Sneaker Fiends Unite! is going to take you into the mind of the addict so that you can see how truly obsessed we are.

I’ve had my eyes on the Nike 1/2 Cent shoe. My favorite colorway after the blue pair is the one pictured below – Black / Green Spark. The original retail for these shoes was $170 but the price has come down to $110 in some of my local stores.

1/2 cent

When I saw these shoes in my size in the Marshall’s at the Atlantic Terminal I had to copp me a pair. I love these joints and I nearly bought two(2) pairs because the price seemed to be that good. That was in June. Two weeks ago I came up on these shoes in A.J. Wright for $40. I nearly shit on myself. I had to buy a pair even tho’ the smallest size was 13.

The next thing I did was to return the size 13s to Marshalls using the receipt of the pair I paid $100 for. In effect I now have a pair of 1/2 Cent in my size 12 that I have paid $40 for. I followed this up by returning a pair of sneakers to A.J. Wright using the receipt of the $40 shoes. The pair I returned were some Court Forces that I copped in V.I.M. for $10 on a last pair closeout.

court force

So basically I have the green 1/2 Cent for what amounts to be $10.

As I was winding my way thru the A.J. Wright I spotted another pair of 1/2 Cent. They were also size 13 so I let them be. Someone out there might really want those joints in that size and all I’m going to do with them is use them for more sneaker chicanery.

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12 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. Grand Master says:

    40? Yo homey that shit is So Right.

    And for a ten spot you are straight wilin’ out on em.

    Wear it with pride.


  2. LEX says:

    Well played, sir.. lol.. now I feel like hitting up the AJ Wright on 48th..

  3. Kiana says:

    I’d probably end up in jail if I tried to come up like you did. Lol

    glad you’re back!

  4. 40 says:

    DP – I’m bummed when I went to the spizzola on your recommend they were sneaker non grata. Alas I bought a microwave instead for the new pad. I might leave you with a $40 retainer in case it happens again.

  5. the_dallas says:

    GM, Catching these joints for $10 makes me want to put them in a display case. i really need another pair.

    L3x, I have so many comeups from that AJ Wright store its not even funny


    Diesel, that AJ Wright is where the sneaker unicorn plays. You fall thru there enough and you’ll spot it.

  6. 2Amaze says:

    You sir are a true emresario! SFU! I copped some Adidas Oregon Ultra Le Blue/Orange Colorway for 16.99 but you sir caught the ill deal.

  7. 2Amaze says:


  8. Rukum says:

    Glad you’re back.

  9. Fosterakahunter says:

    You found these joints @ AJ Wright? WTF! I been sleeping on the store here in Chicago. Thanks for jogging the memory.

  10. Phlip says:

    Every time I read one of these posts, I remember that I forget to randomly drop in on Ross, Marshalls and Rugged Waerhouse for the $40 comeups.

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