Who Let The Dogs Out?


The story for the early part of this NFL season has been the play of Michael Vick for the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick is the most exciting player in the game right now and he seems to be finding his form that he sported prior to his incarceration two years ago.

Philadelphia is a strange town and they seem to have taken to accepting Vick as the representation for the team. As long as Vick keeps winning games, especially this upcoming weekend against the NFC East rival Redskins and former Philly QB Donovan McNabb.

The DP.com football pool is back in effect again. Shouts to everyone that signed up. Last year we gave a DJ Hero console to the pool’s overall points winner. This year is no different and we have a selection of prizes for you football fans. EA Sports Madden ’11 for PS3 or DJ Hero2 console and game.

Good luck to all of you poolers, and good luck to Michael Vick.


6 Responses to “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

  1. 1969 says:

    Welcome Back DP! Unlike Kevin Kolb, you were missed.

    Living here in Philly, you can understand that I HATE THESE BYRDS. However, I am rooting for Vick to kick azz and take names. Now if he can just stay out of the clubs…..

  2. T-marT says:

    when was the sign up, do i get a late pass ?? im fiendin for that new madden 11.

  3. fredMS says:

    yea word dp is it too late to sign up?

  4. BIGNAT says:

    tham i didn’t know you were doing it again. vick is the man and he is playing smarter as well. he got defenses jumping in they socks. is he going pull up and run or pull up and throw it 30-40 yards down. making plays out of nothing and his throwing is better. the fact that philly has a shitty o-line is working for vick

  5. jeah!!!!!!! I ain’t do too bad last weekend

  6. Mark Dub says:

    DAYUM! Vick is playing out of his GOURD right now, and I’m SO happy to see it. There had to have been a million “other” folks who wanted to see him fail.

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