This Is Hip-Hop…

hip hop

Sometimes I forget what is Hip-Hop.

But then I remember why God made the YouTubes.

8 Responses to “This Is Hip-Hop…”

  1. LM says:

    She’s just a middle-class gal trying to express herself.

  2. Quincy Johnson says:

    um, yup… this is my culture, packaged and sold for my pleasure, pause

  3. a-one says:

    wow. everything is terrible indeed. reminds me of how i wanted to learn to windmill better but was too proud to just ask my cousin so i had moms sign me up for a breakin class at the park district. i got there & the teacher was a white chick with leg warmers on. i got out of thurr with the quickness!

  4. superbadsolace says:

    good lord that was am amazing video! lmaoooo!!!!

  5. dubble13 says:

    Where is KRS-One when you need him?

  6. BIGNAT says:

    i can’t lie she got the juice hahahhahaha. her students they need some help

  7. Jaislayer4real says:

    I can’t stop laughing at this!!!!

  8. Kiana says:

    This video is awesome. I started going to this new jack swing dance class two weeks ago. Teacher is a white dude but he puts this lady to shame!

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